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Monday, October 5, 2009

What a evokes a memory?

evoke (v.t.); to call up or produce (memories or feelings, etc.)

This picture does this for me...
Of canteloupe rinds?  Yes, canteloupe rinds.

As we've closed the doors officially on summer and have entered a new season - Fall, my favorite!  I couldn't help but share this picture, primarily because of the memory it brings to mind. (I thought I would quick slip it in here yet - because melon still speaks of summer to me),
It's a memory of my Grammy and Grandpop.  THEY ALWAYS had rinds of canteloupe or watermelon upside down in the garbage bowl, waiting on their counter  - ready to get thrown out.  ALWAYS!!  They must have ate melon all the time. And if I ask my siblings about it - they all remember the same thing.  Weird memory, isn't it?

The reason I know this (and so vividly remember this) is because our family had the privledge of living next door to them (Literally! - We would walk through the one bedroom door and into their living room.) and so, we would often "run over" to Grammy and Grandpop's - just to see what they were up to, what they were eating, if they wanted to play games that evening, sit on their couches or chairs to read their books and magazines or whatever.  Basically, it's was because we were just plain nosy.... Or was it? 

What was it about Grammy and Grandpop that drew us over to their house, so much?  This was a question that I asked my (8) siblings and I got alot of the same response back.  Which I thought was sorta interesting.  Here are some of the answers; "We were bored - it gave us something different to do.", "It was cozier over there - they had a woodstove, softer carpet, etc.", and my mom even answered - "They let you 'get away' with things, for the most part." ;)  -yet, "They loved us differently, as only grandparents can do".

Like I said, I think it was mostly because we were simply nosy.  And I agree with all the responses, yet in my pondering this question over in my mind, I realize now how much we took them for granted. 

My grandparents were conservative Mennonites and dairyfarmers, back in their day.  With the love of the outdoors (a lot of fishing and travelling), gardening and in more recent years having a hobby fruit orchard, etc....I could really have a knowledge of things (such as "seed time and harvest")... if I would have taken the time and interest when I had the opportunity to "dig deep" and glean from them.  Why didn't I ask more questions of them? Why didn't I jog their memories more?  What was it about canteloupe that they loved so much?

My grandfather was not a man of many words -but did he ever have a memory and a knowledge of the Word of God!  My grandmother was the one who was full of life and "tease".  She sure was a live wire...and full of "sass" (if I can say that about my Grammy)... I miss them - both.

 I have a lot of memories - good ones- and I did learn things from them.  They have both since passed on now,  but I regret not getting to know them (as persons and their way of life) better.  Does that make sense?  Because it was just the "norm" - we just took them for granted.

As the season comes upon us that involves FAMILY, family gatherings, sharing life and memories.  Do IT!!  Share those things - evoke memories of one another.  Don't let it slip from your hands -leaving trails of regret behind.

Even if it starts with Canteloupe Rinds...


  1. LOVED THIS POST!!!! It reminded me so much of my grandparents! I might just have to do a post about them! My grandma is still living and has a lot of that sass you were talking about!

  2. Bevy,
    You have hit a nerve with me. The whole reason I started to blog was so that our grandchild would know who I am.
    I never knew my grandparents and boy do I wish I could sit and have a long talk with them.
    I don't want my grandchildren to ever wonder who I was.


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