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Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday's Finds: Where'd it go?

To speak in Caleb's terms, I so often have an "ah, a mess!" (I can't write it like he says it.) and with that being said...I have been thinking how I need to clean it up.  I am talking about my sewing room and all of my spools of thread - that desperately NEED a place of their own, and not randomly all over my sewing table.  I am ~not happy.

So, one day I was out with Aubrey for a quick Dr. appointment and decided to run into our local thrift store and take a look around.  I was in the craft and fabric section and well, this unique looking carrying case jumped out at me - about knocked me over.  I liked the brass label on top and read: Barnett and Jaffe *baja* mfrs Philadelphia.  Cool!  I liked the price too - $8.00.  "What a great Friday's Finds feature"... is what I was thinking.

When, I looked inside I was surprised to find these three little drawers.  They looked *new* and I was suprised that they were plastic.  Uhmmm.  But, immediately a light bulb moment happened.  I was going to use this case for ALL the spools of thread lying around on my sewing area and - be happy!!  Now sewing projects can continue, this corner of my home has a new feature, and well, I am just ~ happy...

...until, that is, until all three drawers are full and no more will fit in there. However, I now can say with my 2 yr old son, "Where'd it go?" 

I looked the case up online by the tag's information and all I can gather is that is certainly vintage - although I never really discovered from what year.  And that its original usage was intended to be used as a photo/slide carrying case.  Anyway.  I love the look of it!   It's small size is perfect for my sewing spools and my, "ah, a mess!" needs are now taken care of.  Now, to figure out how to organize the rest of the sewing room and immediate sewing area.  Bags by Bevy - must go on!

: :  I have got to do something with all those buttons....  Any vintage ideas, anyone??  I have been using small jars or little plastic bags, but I need to find something that I can reach my hand in and swirl {them} aournd to find the "perfect three". 

You know,  I'm going to Lancaster tomorrow - shopping for more sewing supplies- (business is going great, by the way) and I thought I would let you all know with the holidays approaching like a freight train...THERE IS a lot of lurking going on in and around my Etsy shop.  I smell $ales, yeah!  I just want you all to ~ be happy!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. What an excellent idea!! Have fun in Lancaster!!

  2. That's so cute! My sewing area is a disaster. With all the sewing I've been doing and going to craft shows almost every weekend, there's fabric and projects everywhere! But I've been selling a lot, so that is good! I'm thinking a good organizational job after the rush is over; perhaps some new shelving and containers!

  3. for your buttons~how about spice jars in a spinning spice rack? Sort by color or size or both.


  4. Love the vintage thread holder! How awesome and the price...can't beat that!

  5. I think Melissa S. has a great idea!
    I'm going to "steal" it!
    Don't you just love the way a two year old talks! Precious...
    PS - nice job on the spool find!


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