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Monday, November 23, 2009

The LORD is my helper...

Please.  You'll have to read, or at least glance at, this link to appreciate why or how today's post came about. 

I read this the other morning on Yahoo news and I was left shaking my head...blown away.  Unbelievable! ~ that this kind of stuff happens in America, our cities, our hometowns and virtually- our own backyards.
Okay,  first off I do want to say that this post is not a further rant on this particular subject,
but rather just to share what happened next

I have been doing this with the little ones for sometime now, and it's become a very special time of reading the B.I.B.L.E together at breakfast and then singing Sunday School (oft' times, it's songs with motions) songs - as they come to me - in hopes to instill in them (their little hearts & minds) God's Word at a (rather) young age... and more importantly to have a moment, for myself, to read God"s Word.  I confess, sometimes this is all I get to do for myself, in having my own quiet, personal devotions... but I work with what I've got.  And, like I said - it's become a rather special time for us.

However, right before breakfast, I happened to receive a phone call from a girl friend of mine - whose house we were planning to go to, later in the morning.   There was a reason for her call, but we got chit-chatting about this particular article (the one I just mentioned above) and other current national headlines and (sad) news - "stuff" that only SAHM's think that by talking about,  we can solve for the world and for our country. Yeah right.  Anyway.

All through breakfast  I was thinking about what my friend and I were talking about and how if I were to add a comment to the above referanced (linked) article  - you know, like, Really. What would I say?   For me, this really it home because it came out of the area (my old backyard) of where I did alot of my growing up years.  Frankly, it shocked me - that our little town(s) were starting to feel the crude come creeping in through the back gate...unannounced.

I focused back to the little ones, and we finished up our breakfast - only to resume our time with the Bible reading.  I don't always read what verse my eyes randomly fall too (as I randomly open my Bible) - but this morning I did.   Caleb has been learning to memorize little verses like "the Lord is my Shepherd" or "the Lord is my helper" (found in Hebrews 13:5-6). 

And as the pages fell open to Psalm 118 and I started reading verse 6... I got chills.  I probably knew this but didn't realize that the verse essentially reads the same as the verse in Hebrews, and it reads;
"The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid.  What can man do to me?  The LORD is with me; He is my helper. I will look in triumph on my enemies.  (Psalm 118:8)  "It is better to take refuge in the LORD then to trust in man." 

Did you know that, verse eight  IS THE CENTER VERSE of the Bible?  It is.  Read it again.  "It is better to take refuge in the LORD, then to trust in man.  Friends, if you want to be in the Center of God's Will for your life, then read - memorize- this verse and know in your heart of hearts, that refuge found in HIM is far better then what man has to offer. 

I closed the Bible with a tear in my eye as I thought about what a refuge we have in Him (what comfort, what peace)... No matter the outcome of our nation's path; the decisions made that are out of our control; the political chaos that is evidently causing quite a stir; down the to the pettiness of whether hanging laundry in our backyards is tolerable or not.  Ugh!  "don't get me started"... I wish I could fix it- which I can't, because I don't even know the half or realize a smidgen of what is going on "out there"... and that's okay.

There is one thing that I know.  Our World, nation, our country, our cities, towns, communities, our neighborhoods, even our backyards... more simply our own homes - We all need the Peace of Jesus - to reign, Surpreme!  And ONE DAY~ He will.  Forever!  He is our helper.  What can man do to me?

: : Yes!  If you drive by my house today, and it's not raining, you will see the clothes lines are full and fluttering.  I thank God for fresh, country air, and the blessing to save a few $$ on electric... and I don't think the cows out back (or our next-door neighbors, for that matter) are minding the free entertainment of  brightly colored clothing flapping in the breeze.  Maybe I should ask them though, before they come to me??  What do you think?


  1. Hi Bevy,
    I thought of you when I saw that article the other day. Keep hanging out that wash!
    And yes, it's wonderful to know that God is in control!

  2. Amen to hanging out laundry and AMEN to putting God in the center of everything we do, think and say!

  3. Nancy, I wasn't further "ranting", was I? I didn't mean to sound like it - if I was. I am just grateful that where I live now - there is no subtle animosity (that I am currently aware of) in regards to "living out NORMAL everyday life".

  4. Bevy, Absolutely not! You weren't ranting! It's sad to think that something as beautiful as laundry drying in the sunshine can be viewed as a problem. Keep living your NORMAL everyday life! Have a Happy Thanksgiving, too! ;-)

  5. Bevy,
    (I don't think my first post went through)

    First of all, I want to applaud you for spending time singing and reading the Bible with your precious children, daily! (clap-clap)

    Secondly, I truley believe that SAHM's can change the world by doing just what you are doing! Raising loving and caring children.

    Thirdly, I learned something. The middle of the Bible is Psalm 118:6, the same as a verse in Hebrews.

    Fourthly, let your brightly colored clothing flap in the breeze! It's almost like a flag of freedom.

    I love the way you mother your childre. Keep up the great job of a SHAM. Clap-Clap!! Horray!


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