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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

...not all that happened...

So, yesterday's post was not all that happened over the weekend. There were several things that took place that are worth mentioning. One. I was thrilled to have made another sale, this time on a custom order for a pair of HOMESPUN BABY! (blue/green plaid baby boy) Shoes.

These are pretty much going to be second design, that I will offer.  These will work great for that chunky footed little one, because of the way you can loop and uploop the elastic over the button.  I would say, these are definitly a Bevy Original.  The other style is not an orginial pattern with me.

What fun, what fun!!  What mattered most to me was that Grandma and Mamma, both, were very happy.

I also was able to sneak out of the house early on Saturday morning (before the seminar) to go to my dear friend, Amiee's house for breakfast.  She served up the best breakfast of Sausage Gravy over her own homemade biscuits, scrambled eggs with spinach, and freshly canned peaches that she said a sweet friend had given her for her birthday, back in September.  Uhmmm.  I wonder, could it just be one of these jars?

Amiee is just one my long time, "bestest" friends.  She and I have known each other forever, like sister's (people have accused us of that already)... she's one that you can pick up with wherever you've left off at.  We have alot of the same interests,  and well... enough about Amiee.  I might have to do a special blog post just on her, one day.  If she'll let me.  ;)  I don't know why she wouldn't, she lets me borrow her- STUFF!!!  (heehee)  I have to say stuff, because there is way too much to mention, that she lets me borrow... you all have friends like that too, I'm sure.
Then on Sunday afternoon, I took the opportunity (or Simple Pleasure, for that matter) to go for a walk, outside.  The little ones were down for a nap, well Caleb was and Aubrey wasn't -  but playing quietly - while Scott was back at the books (for the next round).  We have neighbors down the road from us, that every time I pass their place, I have a strong desire to try and count the lil pumpkins...

Can't do it because we zoom by too fast....so I thought I would just walk down there, one day.

 I just think this pumpkin-on-a-fencepost thing is just the sweetest idea.  What do you think?

Here, let me show you a few more close-up photo's...

~looks like one fell off, due to wind or something~

Isn't this just adorable?  Okay, enough of the gushing... I know, I know.

Here, this last picture really shows off their Winter Berry Bushes; all the red you see beyond the fence row.
They sell bunches and bunches of these branches around Christmas time.  I love it - I've actually gotten some from them in the past, but had no idea, back then, that now I would live right next door!!!  I hope I can at least get myself one of these "branch bundles" for some outside decoration this holiday season. 
(Hint, hint, honey!)

It almost makes you want to paint this picture, just to keep it forever.  Doesn't it?

All this to say, I missed a Fun Family event with my Mom and sister's all getting together - over the weekend.  I have 5 sister's and one of them lives over 3 hours away.  She is the one who is the head cook up (northern PA), at a boy's camp.  They all decided that this would be a great weekend to get together... but because of the parenting seminar... I needed to pass this time.  I am sure there will be another time, down the road.  I am anxiously awaiting to hear about their time together.   I know I hope they missed me. ;) because, I was really, really sad that I couldn't be apart of their time up there.

Yet, I certainly had a wonderful weekend, too.  That is for sure!!


  1. Love those little shoes, the winter berries and the pumpkins on the posts!

  2. The post crowned with pumpkins are just too cute. I love your precious original shoes and those winter berries are just breathtaking. I can only imagine the birds they will attract this winter.( UCK, not a winter person here)

    I wanted to thank you for poppin' in with your sweet comment. May God bless your day and in the words of Granny Clampett, "ya'll come back now, ya hear!!!"


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