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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Prayer and Praise

The leaves are falling, today...  It's beautiful!  They reminded me though of a piece I had written several years ago, which I entitled "Leafme alone, I'm changing". But after searching hard, finally finding it and reading over it again... I don't know, I'm really in debate about sharing it with you.  It needs some serious grammatical editing... which I struggle (greatly) with, anyway.  We'll see.  It could really be a blessing to someone - so, I will have to pray about it, some more.

Right now, I just want to share a few prayer and praise thoughts...

This morning, unknowingly to us, was the "graduation day" for Caleb with his Speech Therapy Sessions.  His therapist, Dana, felt that he was well enough on his way to take a break for at least 3 months and then asked for us to "check" in with her- just to see how things are going...."but, he's great!  He'll be fine.", she said.  We PRAISE God for this, blessing today!  I am so grateful...

Last week, Dana, asked me what we were doing differently and that whatever it was we were doing, "to keep it up". (Basically because she kept seeing such remarkable improvement from week to week, but particulary in last week) - I answered; "Pray!!" 

My sister, Lorene, had come over today to sit with Aubrey while Caleb and I were gone and in the course of the morning - being outside- collected these leaves.  She had them tucked into a jar, thinking I would (maybe) use them as a centerpiece or bouquet.  What a great idea!  I love it- alot.  Thanks, Reenie!
Well, instead, I decided to place them inside this old green and yellow kettle - right at my kitchen sink and window.  The reason being so that I would be reminded to think of prayer and praise
Another quick prayer request would be for my friend, M., who is about to undergo surgery - tomorrow!  Not sure what time.  She has just come through (last year) a bout with breast cancer and now is facing issue with her uterus.  Friends, this is not fun news... nor easy to understand.  But her praise for her Creator, simply exudes from her body.  She is SURE of her faith in God, she knows she is IN CHRIST ALONE... her faith is marked my a quiet trust in the midst of storm.  This is praise-worthy, and so encouraging to me.

Leaves falling... means a season of change is in the air. 
To gather them up, as a collection, like this, is just a reminder for me to embrace the changes that inevitably come, the challenges that come with those changes and that when we pray... we can rest assured that Prayer Changes Things. 

: : Let's be praying and praising today...

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  1. Beautiful post.

    I love how you chose to decorate with the leaves.


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