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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Do you really see what you think you see?

Go ahead, and take another -CLOSER- look.  Aubrey is NOT impressed...look at her in the living room.

Hurry, and grab a broom!  Give it a try before this is over.  I think there is only a small window of time left for it to work.  I thought my blogging friends were just joking until I tried it for myself.  Now, if only that broom would go off and start sweeping - by itself - I would be one happy mama!

Do you think this is eery?

Eggs-actly. So do I.  Maybe this is one reason why I've been feeling so "off - kilter"...this week.


  1. Strange!!! I just got our broom to stand up by itself too! I couldn't get an egg to work though.

  2. This is so funny! I love the picture of Scott. I tried it but couldn't get our angled broom or an egg to work. I did get a straight broom to work, though.

  3. Nick insisted that this could happen anytime, so I tried it again last week and couldn't get the broom to stand up. Then, he tried it last night and it stood up!


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