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Saturday, December 26, 2009

All I want for Christmas - and then some...

One of our own Christmas Eve traditions is that the little ones get to open up just one Christmas gift - which usually contains either Christmas PJ's or a new book. 
We got home from our Church Christmas Eve service....and they didn't need any coaxing to dive right in.

~the gift exchange~

Ahh!  New jammies... snow scene's this year!! 

You can almost see the "snow falling" in the pictures of the dump trucks on Caleb's PJ's  and Aubrey's are hot pink with little penquins & snowflakes. 

Fun!! FUN!!
* * * * * * * * * *
The next morning, was their BIG present.  We took video of them coming down the steps and into the living room ... You should've seen their little faces.
The rest of their gifts from us & from Grandma Susie are literally STILL waiting to be opened, because as you'll see the day just got too big...

As family started arriving to our home for the afternoon and evening - You can tell what a large family I have.
The gifts about pushed us out of the living room.

We drew each other's name back on Thanksgiving Day, and let me tell you... we need to do it sooner then that.  I did a lot of sewing for the little cousins gift exchange and for the people that Scott and I drew.  I will post about these projects later. 

Lots of GREAT gifts were exchanged... and I think Scott may have another great story for "Scott's Second Sayings on January 2nd.  We'll see what he decides to share...Stay tuned.

I was pretty busy tending to the setting up of all the food and doing that type of preperation that I was unable to capture any pictures of our food. Kinda bummed me out after we started eating when I realized I had forgotten to do that.

 We had quite the spread of:
*Venison Meatballs in Spagetti Sauce/Rolls  * Hot Chicken Salad on baguette bread * Stuffed Mushrooms * Veggie Tray/dips * Chips * Cheese & Crackers tray with pickles and olives * Ham Salad * Seafood Salad * White Christmas Punch (white grape, gingerale and vanilla icecream) *  Coffee * New York Style Cheesecake * Candy * Spiced Pecans * and a 3-tier tray of COOKIES!!!!
 The best part, of the evening, was dividing up the remaining cookies for everyone to take some home...

~Here is a goofy picture of all the little cousins~

* * * * * * * * * *

Merry Christmas and Happy 2010 to all!!

Warm Wishes ~ from our home to yours!

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