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Monday, December 14, 2009

Etsy Shop announcement ~ and lots of cookies!!

I had something else in mind for posting today... but I felt that this was more important, for now.

I have an Etsy Shop announcement... and I am happy to let you know about it, too.  Aside from the two bags left in the the shop - I have SOLD out of all of my bags, over this weekend. YEAH!!!  For one, the Pediatrician called me, after our Dr's visit last week (Remember?) and placed a sale, and two, Scott's aunt cleaned house - buying three.  Two of which are getting sent to Australia.   I am still reeling...

* * And, the two that are left, are a Buy One, Get One - 50% off.   The $10.00 shipping charge still applies.  This notice is only found, here!!!  I will make the adjustments necessary to make sure that you get this deal!!

So, I have decided that I absolutely need to take the time to work primarily on my own Christmas List now - and I have a lot of sewing to do for that as well.  Two messengers bags, another bag, 2 sets of shoes, and a few other crafty misc. stuff for the little ones and friends... 

I will be working on filling the shop back up come the New Year!!!  Special thanks to everyone for making my first several months so successful.  All glory goes to God, for giving me this gift of creativity and that with this gift I can just make something out of that to bless others.

Also, today is looking to be like a VERY BIG COOKIE BAKING DAY!, here at my house.  My mom and  a couple of my sister's are coming over today to make several kinds:
  • Cut Outs
  • Peanut Blossoms
  • White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
  • Pecan Tasties
  • Russian Teacakes or Snowballs
  • Blackberry Sage Thumbprints ( These I will be sharing the recipe for.  Remind me!!)
  • Outrageous Chocolate Chip
  • Chocolate Buttersweets  (This will be shared for sure, too)
These are just to name a few...  So, you can be thinking of us as the smells of sugar, spice and chocolate fill the air.  I think I have enough aprons to share with everyone....  and thankfully my brother Justin (who happens to be laid off of work right now) is planning to come along to help with the kiddo's.

 He, my friends, is the best brother in the world - when it comes to this type of stuff.  This was ALL on his own initiation.  Gotta love it!!


  1. Congratulations on your Etsy sales! That's wonderful! Happy cookie baking. I'll be making some today, too, but not NEARLY as many as you! Enjoy!

  2. sounds like fun! we are so blessed to have close family and sisters! some do not. hug them today for those who do not have a sister!

  3. YAY!! So glad your store is doing well...good for you:) Now about those cookies...did you have to mention cookies?? Especially all my favorites!!

  4. Congratulations on selling so many of your bags! How Awesome!

  5. When I posted on your cookies post, I remembered that I'd read this one but hadn't commented. I just wanted to congratulate you on all of the sales of your wonderful bags. They are so beautiful and I'm really happy for you!


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