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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Well, It is a later in the day post, but I made the second anyway. How is EVERYONE???? We have been doing fine here. As you know I did not post last month that is for Bevy REALLY wanted to post our result of the Halloween Challenge. We took our own dare, and it turned out quite interesting. Bevy knows how to "back link" to previous post, but all I can say is you will have to go thru the archives for late October for the challenge and 11/2 for our results.

I am sure as you heard by now; I did not put a deer away this season (yet). I shot three and could not get any on the ground. The first was a doe that I thought I had totally missed. I found out later from a hunting companion that my second (of 2) shots did contact. He (Doug) had ran across the blood trail later in the morning looking for the Doe he and his father-in-law shot simultaneously (That was a loud bang) as they were on adjacent sides of a corner in the field and one ran between them. The rain though washed it away by the time me and my brother-in-law could go track. From the description of the blood, it appears it was a superficial wound anyway. The second was a buck that was on the very end of my rifle's range. I shoot a 30x30 with 170grain rounds. This give me about 40yds accuracy, and 70 yds top, this buck was every bit of 60yds away. When I hit him, he turned which lined him up behind a tree, and the next time I saw him, he was over a ridge that I face. When I got down later to see, there was a chunk of belly hair on the ground. John (my brother-in-law) is now calling me the barber, saying I just gave him a hair cut. The third was another doe that I took a crack at when she stepped out of a corn field on the farm. We never did find her as she took off, but we had piles of blood. Three of us for 2 ½ hrs (total 7 ½ man hours) tracked her and we never could find her. I had told Bevy, I pray the Lord places two doe and a buck in my cross hairs (that is what I have a license for this year)…..Prayer fully fulfilled…… I just forgot to ask for a shot that will take them down.

I am still doing my studying, and trying to get several items knocked out concerning education. A lot of this is me playing catch up, from stuff that I should have done years (8-10) ago. It does get very aggravating at times, but one exam at a time. I passed my last on back on Halloween. So while I am studying Bevy goes and sews.

By the way, in case you have not looked lately, there are two new bags at www.bagsbybevy.etsy.com  in case you have been there and wondering….”Gee, where is that bag I liked so much????” We have been selling a few out side of ETSY. So make sure if you have an interest in one, you don’t let it pass by; however, with that being said, there are always more to come especially since they are ALL one of a kind.

We have family news; my mother has decided to move to PA. Our children are her only biological grandchildren and she wants to be near them. We have found her a nice little first floor apt. in a farm house about 6 miles from us. It is as well in a VERY nice neighborhood at an EXCELLENT price. Neither mine nor Bevy’s dad are alive, so our kids only have grandma’s……so now they will both be close by.

Well I am going to let ya’ll go and sign off. I just wanted to drop in and say hi to all and let you know I am still here and working in the background. Until next month every one have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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  1. Hi Scott,
    I'm sorry you didn't get your deer~~hopefully you will later this season. My husband and son didn't get any, either. Must be an off year for everyone.
    That's wonderful that your mom will be living nearby. I'm sure the kids will enjoy having her close by, too.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too!


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