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Monday, December 21, 2009

"I'm dreaming of a White Christmas"

What a wonderful weekend.  From one end to the other.  This all sounds sarcastic when I say what I'm going to say next.  It all started with NO HEAT in our house... when we woke up Friday morning.  We got the landlord involved as soon as we could but it really took all day to figure out what the issue was, and then when he and his son-in-law thought it was resolved - we had to call them back.  By now, this was pretty late at night.  We weren't sure if we were going to stay in our own home for the night.  But.  It all worked out, in the end.

Saturday, we were hoping for a HUGE blanket of snow when we woke up.  But, nothing.  Literally two minutes later Scott looked out the window... and all he saw was white - coming down.
Our storm was on it's way.   It snowed all day. Blowing, drifting (too dry for it to stick, too much, until...later) we acutally felt snowed in.  It felt cozy... I sewed on another Christmas order, gave both my boys haircuts, checked in with family who had to be out in the storm (driving)... we all went to bed (listening to the sounds of snowmobiles and 4-wheelers rip up and down our road)
 wondering what it would be like in the morning. 

Would we have church?

Sunday morning came with word that Church was still on ... not a problem... we were glad to go.  Scott just found himself thoroughly enjoying the John Deer tractor in effort to help our landlord plow us out. 
He doesn't get to do that sort of thing a whole lot.

We think we got about 5"-8"... we know that is nothing compared to a lot of other folks up and down the Eastern seaboard.  But it sure made everything beautiful... fresh, new and clean.

The afternoon cleared itself pretty well... meaning the roads, except for a few occasional areas where snow had blown itself across. It was just SO COLD. We still opted to take the afternoon - after lunch - and head out to do some Christmas shopping, afterwhich we knew we wanted to head to "the Live Nativity - a Walk through Bethleham", held at a farm where I used to work at (my very first job as "milk maid" - I like to say. 

So nostalgic, for me.
You may remember that Grandma Susie is now living in PA
(she moved here recently from VA) and so
(of course!) we asked her if she would like to come along.  We had a fun time!!

We knew we really needed to bundle the little ones up.... It was below 32* with a gusty wind....very cold, for babies.  However, they didn't complain too much.

For some reason, I didn't get a very good close up of Caleb... and in all actuality the whole event did not turn out very well, picture wise.  Oh well.  The experience itself was well worth it.

~Grandma Susie all bundled up by the warm fire~

The "Walk through Bethleham" was really neat.  They really made you feel as though you were there, in the streets, where vendors where selling their wares and children, soldiers and animals were all about.  The night sky was as clear as clear could be.  The stars were bright, the moon was shining... and it was COLD!!  (Thankfully, small fires were scattered throughout  the "town" for warmth and light). 


I was left to ponder that Christmas night.  I doubt there was snow on the ground.  We only can imagine the COLD night it may have been. We know the sky was clear as there were stars.   The reality was and still is - HE CAME, as a babe... born in a manger stall...the humblest of all births... for us!

All Caleb wanted to see was to see the baby Jesus.  He kept asking for "Jesus".  At the end of the night as we gathered on the barn hill to see "the nativity" scene.  I had to lift Caleb up above the crowd so that he could see "the baby".  I was left to think about the simplistic nature of a child's heart... so longing... so intentional - finding anyway, he could, to see "the Way in a manger".

That is exactly the picture of how we are to be. 
As long as we don't leave him there.  We need to make room in our hearts and in our lives for him.


So, back to the snow.  I am "dreaming of a white Christmas"... How about you?  If this snow doesn't melt until then, we just might have one, this year.   What do you think?

Here's Warm "White Christmas" Wishes for you!!

(Wow! Are we ever grateful for heat in the house.  Or what.?)


  1. Praise God for your son's heart and example!!! Glad the heat is fixed as well!! See you Christmas Eve?

  2. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you all!

  3. Beautiful post! So sweet that Caleb was focused on seeing Baby Jesus...

    Glad you got your heat back!

    I didn't get down to see the Pioneer Woman. We've had sick kiddos, one after the other, since the beginning of November, so we've been staying home a lot. I did see pictures of it, though, and it was SO crowded! It looked like a lot of fun. Maybe next time...

    We're praying that everyone will be well so that we can get to church on Christmas Eve. Will you be there? If not, I'll wish you a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year now! :)

  4. Bevy, I have so enjoyed reading your blog. God has His hand on you and it is so fun to see how you have become such a great wife and mother. I didn't get to see that side of you but through this I can. I love your bags! You do beautiful work.



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