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Friday, December 4, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like ~ Christmas!

Forgetting about Friday's Finds for awhile - I thought I would reflect on what it's beginning to look like around here at our home, at least for the month of December. 

So far, it's been really hard for me to get into the Spirit of Christmas, this year.  I'm not sure why...exactly.  I LOVE Christmas!  It's my most favorite season of the the year, however I do have a lot on my mind, I suppose.  The "to do" list is rather lengthy, already, in regards to sewing projects and gift making. 

Maybe it's because I don't work at the local Christian Bookstore  anymore (I worked at one for about 7-8yrs) - that in year's past, that always "helped" to motivate the thoughts and actions of the heart towards Christmas.  But, I've been trying...

The beautiful Christmas music playing.  But... my CD player needs to get fixed.  It's repairable, we just need to fish out some dislocated cd's that somehow the kids managed to... `nuff said.  Otherwise, the stacks of Christmas cd's sit silent, and so, we settle for the radio.  Which is fine, too.  I like our two local Christian radio stations.

The decorations are out and up.  However; the constant keeping an eyeball on the "rearranging" that goes on with ornaments and other Christmas decor is beginning to get old, and oh yea!, I'll have to restring the Charlie Brown tree because half of the bulbs decided to blow on me yesterday.  This is all in the first week of going up.

Thoughts of food preperation has begun.  Yes! it has, but barely.  I have not been feeling well, almost all this week.  And there is loads of activities happening this coming weekend... that uh, have absolutely nothing to do with Christmas (It's called a chartered fishing trip in Open Water).  Yet, I'm thinking .... about delicious food ideas, and cookie baking parties, and well...because...

Christmas is at our house again this year!!  I have always had my immediate family over to my house, though not every year, and (this started after living on my own, and the Christmas after my dad passed away- close to 14 years ago), because I was the one who always had a REAL Christmas tree (if you grew up Mennonite, you would understand what I am talking about).  Except that, this year there is no real tree (due to lack of safe space for a tree) But hey, that's okay.  There is plenty of room for everyone to gather round.

I always liked to start my decorating the day after Thanksgiving.  Well, since being married to my deer-hunting Husband (Which I love about him. Don't hear what I am not saying.), the weekend after Thanksgiving now always means "prepping for hunting".  Sometimes, I go along, then obviously the decorating has to wait.  But this year, since I wasn't going to go along...I asked two of my brother's to come over, last Sunday, to help get the decorations down out of the attic (THANK GOD! for dry, clean attics!!) and thus began the "adventure". I waited till after Scott left for the mountians, and the littles were in bed.  I think I saw ten of one!  But, I was essentially finished, and happy about it. 

So, although it's beginning to look alot like Christmas, around here...  I realize I want need to; Slow. Still. and Seek. HIM this season.  As we're busy preparing our hearts and homes, let's work on our hearts and homes "to prepare him room".  I know I need to... I have lots of work to do.

How are you preparing?

: : More thoughts and photo's of Christmas, to come...


  1. I LOVE your Charlie Brown Tree!

  2. I also like your tree!
    I don't really prepare. It's more like thoughts with spurts of energy and some creativity. But I like to keep it simple. We put up a tree, some candles, a few decoratins and several nativity sets.
    It isn't much but then we don't have little ones.

  3. I love your Charlie Brown tree. As I write this I see I am echoing Christy word for word above me:) Have a wonderful weekend Bevy!

  4. Your home is looking beautiful! It is always hard to have that perfect looking tree when you have little ones. They are always trying to remove or rearrange ornaments!

  5. im with you on not being in the "Christmas spirit" yet. i think now that i have a child, every day is the same. they still need naps and diapers changed so its harder to get in the mood. also it helped when i cleaned seeing peoples homes all decorated.

  6. Hi there - it's just a wonderful season, isn't it?

    We've got our stuff up, but not overdone, which I like.

    Always want to "enjoy" the season! Love, Sandy


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