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Monday, December 28, 2009

What were all those sewing projects, again??

I thought I would show you all the sewing projects I was busily trying to fill orders for and  finish up before Christmas. 

This was an order for Scott's Aunt, Mary Jeanne.

~Winter Song and Snow~

* * * * * * * * *

The next two bags were also orders, for Christmas, from someone who had bought a bag from me at Thanksgiving.  I was so thrilled to recieve this phone call...

~ "Warm Wishes" ~

~ We gather together ~

* * * * * * * * *

These Homespun Baby! shoes, were an order from someone at our church.  Her daughter looked so cute wearing them (as I noticed) on Sunday.  They were a little big on her, but she will grow into them, no doubt. 
Made me feel good.

~Burgandy Plaid - Baby Girl~

* * * * * * * * * * *

This next bag was an order requested for a friend of mine's sister named Carol.  Her birthday happens to be later this month, but the bag was given as a gift at Christmas.  Because of the coloring and the lady's name happened to be Carol,  it just seemed fitting to name this bag...

~Here we come a Carol'ing! ~

* *I thought this was funny.  When Gail (my friend, Carol's sister) bought the bag, she told me that she was secretly hoping her sister would think it was too big, or too small or for some reason that she wouldn't care for it, just so that Gail could keep it for herself.  I told her;  "No worries!"  We will work on making her one, too.  Although it won't look this one - exactly - it will have her own twist on it.  And then I suggested that as sister's they could "trade" for a few months at a time.  She liked that, & thought it was a great idea.  ;)

* * * * * * * * * * *

These next two pair of slipper/shoes were out of an idea I had for Caleb and Aubrey.  BUT.  I needed to make a gift for my niece, Eva.  And so, this pair went to her.  Caleb's pair will just have to come at a later time.

And this pair went to Aubrey.

I also made up my own pattern for these crayon/marker rolls.  I have seen them all over the place.  But at the last minute... just decided to see what I could come up with on my own, without a pattern.  I made these for the other three little girl cousins to give, from the kids.  I used grograin ribbon for two of the girls gifts and for Gracie - the youngest of the three sister's who can't tie yet, I used round elastic for her to loop it around.  I think she can do it pretty easily.

 * * * * * * * * * *

And then.  I had my brother's name for Christmas.  Joel (19), is # 8 in the family line-up and the tallest - at 6' 6".  He had told me awhile back that he would like a Messenger Bag - sometime.  That was a little tricky trying to figure out how not to give it away (that I had his name) and get then handle of the bag long enough so that it would look right over his shoulder.  I would definitely say he was my guinea pig on this bag.  All that mattered was that he loved it.... and I'm sure there will be a few more orders in the future from buddies.

~Tall Order~

That said.  There was one more order for a Messenger Bag for my Brother-in-law, Stephen, that I did not get finished in time for Christmas. It's half done. Scott had his name for Christmas and already had other gifts in mind... so this is considered an I.O.U.
And then I realized as I was doing this post that there was another bag and a small make-up bag that I made that I totally forgot to take pictures of.  Oh, well... can't do it all.

So, there you have it.  These are the projects that kept me so busy and the reason why I needed to shut down my Etsy shop until the NEW YEAR!!  I even had to turn down a few other orders by asking if they were okay to wait until after Christmas.  God has been good.  This was certainly an unexpected endeavor...and I only am left to wonder how this coming year will go.  It's all in HIS HANDS!!


  1. Wow Bev!! I am amazed at what you can accomplish in such a short time with two little ones under foot!! Beautiful!! I am sure all were blessed by your efforts. I had the honor of blessing someone with one of your bags this season as well - thank you for the care you put in to each one - they are beautiful! May the New Year bring you much success as you seek to do all things as unto the Lord!!

  2. By the grace of God, it's all while their napping...or by me getting up early or staying up later at night.

    I can still sew with them awake, and as long as the home needs are all met first...but honestly it is truely only doable while only one is awake.

    * * * * * *
    I saw you gave "Schoolmarme's Charm" to Becky. She showed me on Sunday - and she LOVES IT!! which makes me feel so good. I am always glad to hear what people think about them, and if they are really as useful to people as I hope they are.

  3. Busy, busy, busy! Wonderful job on all your sewing projects!

  4. Aww I'm so proud of you. You certainly have been busy. what a blessing:)


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