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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

You were wondering??

If you were wondering where I’ve been, for several (unintentional) days… I have been enjoying the peace and quiet of no phone, due to our land line being down from our Saturday’s snow storm. So, therefore our internet connection was null and void, as well. I will say that I’ve missed checking in with all of you – a lot.

That being said, I have a lot of catching up to do.  Thanks for all the nice comments left in the meantime...

Warning: This could be a very long post!!

So, a lot has taken place since over the weekend.  I did something that I haven’t done in a very long time. And that was going out on a chartered fishing boat (fishing for Tog and Striper), in the Delaware Bay, off of NJ, with my husband, Scott and other friends and family. I did hint to this in my last (Friday’s) post… but I didn’t elaborate too much… because I’ll be honest, as of Friday I would’ve said; “I would much rather be home - sewing”. ;)

But, now, looking back… I can say, I was glad I followed through and went with my man. It meant the world to him, to have me along. I know that, for sure. I never got so many kisses, winks & smiles and little lovey, dovey gestures – all in one day, as I did on Saturday. ;) This has a lot of deeper meaning for me then for you all, due to the fact that I didn’t go with him hunting, last week on Buck Monday. At the last minute, I bailed (for selfish reasons), and it cost us a very “LONG, heart to heart” conversation. I am still learning how to live and love sacrificially to show my deepest affections towards my man.

I used the word “cost” when in fact at the time it felt like a cost, but in reflecting back on it – we’ve since discussed how “the layers” though they seem to just keep getting deeper (as we go along in our marriage), the reality is, is that{they} (like an onion) are only getting peeled back, layer upon layer. It’s a good thing!! It just makes “me” – not Scott- cry a lot in the process.

I might get a chance to redeem myself with the hunting gig this coming Saturday… depends on how the hunting plans continue to unfold, simply because Scott is hoping to get out again on the last day.

Back to the fishing trip….my cousin reeled in a beautiful striper, approximately 40” long and about 20lbs. My brother in law, John, also got a smaller one and we reeled in a few dogfish, as well –which are a type of small shark, albeit to say, it was not a very good fishing day. If you want to blame the weather, some would argue that fish like COLD, WINDY. RAINY, snowy days…they bite better. Which, in that case it was perfect weather! I don’t know…. All I know is that the one fish on the end of my line –and boy, it was a BIG ONE – took a bite out of my bait, and got away!!!!!!

Oh, and until we got home Saturday evening after picking up our little ones from a sleepover at grandma’s house (a.k.a. my mom)… we had about 3” of snow on the ground. Our first big snow storm of the year!! Now, we’re all “sick”.  Not sea-sick, just colds, swollen tonsils, sore throats and bad, runny noses.  Caleb has had a break out of hives over the course of the past few days, too.

Needless to say, I stayed home from church with the little ones on Sunday.  Actually Scott and I flipped a coin to see you would stay home because we both wanted to go to church, but we both had reasons we should've stayed home.  We just wanted to "be there". 


I told you last week that I had a total of four sales (just last week alone) with Bags by Bevy, right? Well, from the fourth sale – I got a request for two more LARGE bags to be made, for Christmas orders (add that to my already long sewing list). Those two are finished now, and waiting to get picked up (Pictures will be coming later).

I also made another sale over the weekend. My Aunt and Uncle stopped by for Sunday evening and dinner... we got talking about my business. And my Uncle Vernon fell in love with “Postcard of Olde”…. And thus my Aunt Becky now has “a gift” for Christmas.  She knows all about it, because she was having a real hard time "choosing just one".  That made me feel good!

~"Postcard of Olde"~
See, this is the perks of knowing me personally, you can shop (hands on) at my home, and not have to pay for shipping. ;) I just posted this bag early last week. I need to figure out how to “reflect” my sales on Etsy… All I know, this is getting really fun. I am also literally in the process of making a pair of Homespun Baby! shoes, for a little girl at our church. Her mamma picked a burgundy red plaid … they have been so fun to put together for her.

I think this is funny: We were at the Doctor’s yesterday for a scheduled visit, for the kids. (Good timing, since we’re all sick, anyway) And Scott just so happened to be holding my bag (purse) for me while I was doing whatever with Aubrey and still in the other room. Not even thinking about it. And the doctor says to him… “I don’t think the bag you're holding is YOU! However, I really like it.  Where did you get it?” and Scott proceeds to tell her that I make them… he gave her a business card and all the nurses are crowding around – as I now join the conversation and we’re all talking “bags and buttons".  I think I may have a lot of buttons coming my way. Several of the nurses were saying how they have buttons from grandma’s and whatever…just lying around. I told the ladies; “I’ll buy them from you!”

Anybody else…hey, the call is going out!
Do you have old, antique buttons and spools of thread? That you don’t know what to do with?

I will buy them from you.

Recently a relative of mine, just brought over several bags of upholstery fabric that she has gotten her hands on, along with some buttons. I asked her how much, I could pay her for them…she said, “Nothing! I just want you to make me a bag – after Christmas”.

So! You can do that too.  Okay, so now I've got to get back to the sewing machine...
Oh, and yesterday after going to the Dr's., I made a run (by myself) to Lancaster for our once a month grocery shop.  My brother watched the little ones for me.  Let's just say... what a few crazy, busy  LONG days (just in case, you were wondering)!!


  1. I wondered! I missed you and am glad you're back. Great post! I hope you guys feel better soon. We're still sick, too. It has to end soon...right?? I LOVE that bag! I'm going over to my parents' house this weekend and my mom always had huge tins of old buttons. I'll ask if she still has them.

  2. Bevy,
    Glad to know you are OK. Got a little worried.
    You sound busy with your business, which is great! And your life, very busy.
    Glad to hear about all your adventures.
    How much snow do you have?

  3. I was wondering if everything was okay! Congratulations on all your sales. Your bags are absolutely beautiful!

  4. Your bags are absolutely beautiful. You've been one busy woman and I'm so happy things are going well with your sales.

    You have yourself on terrifically blessed day!!!


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