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Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday's Finds: {no. 4/10}

It just utterly udderly amazes me... that I had to pick up 10 of these half-gallon jars, yesterday.  We just got milk the other day, it seems!!   I'm finding out we either have to get ourselves a milkin' cow, or else.... er... ahhh...

Oh, I am not complaining. Scott and I love milk!  AND, we're so glad our kids do,  too.  It's pretty much all our kids will drink - besides water and occasionally very watered down juice.

But, I'm thinking about reverting back to one of these.

: : Does anyone know or remember how many gallons this can would hold?  I should know... I used to fill these (10 of them) for certain customers when I used to work on a dairy farm... back on my first job. 
 I'll have to tell you about it sometime ;)

I'm pretty sure this antique milk can was from off of my Grandfather's farm (way back in the day)... I think we may have another one coming our way from Scott's side of the family, too. 

Yeah, I could lug these around... one in each hand.  What do you think?

In case your curious about the glass jars.  It's the best thing in the world for keeping milk colder, fresher and better-tasting, longer.  We are able to take our jars in ($1. deposit on the bottle to start) and trade them out filled with milk for the next round... It may be a bit more on the pricier side - but hey, 
 it's the price you pay for MILK, that does the body good.  

Keep it REAL!  this weekend, and pass it on....


  1. I lugged 4 of them home yesterday! Good and fresh!

  2. That's a lot of milk!
    Thanks for the "Tidbit" on keeping milk in glass containers, didn't know!

  3. I LOVE your glass milk containers! We go through alot of milk too yet I don't complain as it's so healthy for everyone. I have 2 milk cans for decoration outside, I'll have too look up how much they hold. Sorry I haven't posted much lately, I'll be back to catch up and visit soon. Blessings, Heather


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