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Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday's Finds: {no.2/10}

Welcome to Friday's Finds.  Okay, some of you who know me personally, are right now, rolling your eyes!  Stop it!  ;)
This wall clock just so happens to be one of my most favorite things I have ever salvaged, rescued, re-invented... whatever you want to call it?  Doesn't matter,  I love it!!

Way back in the day, when I was still single.  I had this little old, basement apartment.  My very first apartment.  You couldn't really tell that it was an actual basement - just because of the way the house sat into the side of a hill.  My bedroom was basically in under ground, with half windows, but the kitchen and living room had great windows and wide window sills.  So, it honestly was NOT your typical basement apartment.  I have so many stories... from while living here.... oh my!

Anyway, across the way, was a little white building that just so happened to be used as a summer kitchen/cookhouse type place for the "old guy", gentleman who owned the house (where I lived) and it's  property.   Here he would make scrapple and mush for selling - out and around, and oh yeah!, his tapioca pudding was acutally pretty good, if I might say so myself.
A little unorthodox, this gentleman, was... to say the least.  Need I say anymore?  and some of you are laughing...  but that's okay, I'm chuckling, too, as I type.

So, as I would look out of my kitchen window - every day - I would see this GOLD clock hanging outside under the porch eaves of this little cookhouse building.  It was the most hideous thing I had ever seen.
It obviously didn't work.  One day, I got the nerve up to go over and actually take a closer look at it.

It really intrigued me - because of the design, not because it is true blue plastic - and, at this time, I was starting to really see things with Shabby Chic eyes.  I honestly saw the potential in this thing...I knew it needed some TLC, a little bit of paint and it's works replaced.  I wanted it to look like painted iron or stone.  It has that "heavy" look - as it is.  Like I said, I was intrigued that it is acutally plastic.

So, one day I got my nerve up and I asked the "old guy" gentleman... if I could have it?  It was "junk", you know - just hanging there, doing nobody any good and at first he said - I needed to pay him $20.00 for it.  I about choked.  I went my way, "giving up on it", figuring it's no use thinking about it anymore.

To my surprise, I came home from work one day - he was outside around his little buildings/farm doing whatever and he knocks on my door.  He has this clock.  Here he had gone ahead and replaced the works in it...and perhaps because I was moving (soon!)... he ended up just giving it to me.  I was thrilled. 

What a memory I have of this thing.  My first apartment.  This "old guy" gentleman, as I mentioned, who was every bit "the beat to his own drum".  Not like I NEED anymore memories of the said apartment...I have lots!  It's just that this clock is totally and completely a Bevy thing.  I doubt there is any more out there like it - at least that I know of.


  1. I was just curious about the 'old guy' in your post. He sounds just like my late-grandmother's brother, Mr. E. Landis. He was on the strange side and made all those things mentioned above. Anyway, thanks for your story.


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