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Monday, January 18, 2010

Fun Family Packed Weekend

What a weekend for us.  It pretty much started Thursday already... since this was a day that Scott took off of work and we headed to the 94th PA FarmShow!  What a wonderful day; time away as a family; fun, Fun, FUN!!

We borrowed a double stroller from friends of ours... which was totally the best idea, in the world.  We implemented it very well.
These are some of the cleanest cows you will ever see in your life - here at the farmshow (no kidding!).  I actually saw one farmer lady wiping a cow's butt with paper towels, and another kid standing behind his cow with a bucket to catch cow poop.  Scott said, "oh yeah, it's because they sleep with their animals at night".  I did see a couple of people, napping, using their cows as pillows.  I guess I never thought about it before.

Love these chickens and roosters!

 Caleb loved hearing the roosters crowing.... and these Togenburg goats.

I think, I could see us having a little goat farm, one day, and throw in a few chickens....just for fun!

This was a real hit for Caleb - playing in the field corn with a few "new friends".

This butter sculpture was made out of 1000 lbs. of real butter which will later be turned into bio-fuel - so I read....
It was so amazing to me... to see the beautiful carving of it.

And of course, for Caleb, to climb up onto  "drive" a tractor (in this case it was a lawn mower) was the BIGGEST hit of the day!!

So, that was all day Thursday.  The little ones did so good.  We were so blessed to have them hang in there as well as they did and they enjoyed it as much as we did.  But. We were all so very tired till we got home.

Then came Friday the start of the real Fun Family Packed Weekend.  Scott took off, from work, again (which was a great idea).  I had some errands that needed to be taken care of, in the morning.  And our neighbor guy is moving out in a couple of weeks and literally giving things away... so we went shopping out on our own (well his) front lawn.  We picked up a "new" dining room table, several chairs (outdoor and indoor), a floor length mirror, tons of boy toys (plus, more to add to Caleb's train set that he got for Christmas), a few misc. items, etc.  So, we were busy implementing them into our home and at the same time preparing for guests in our home for the entire weekend.

 Needless to say, Scott got very little studying done this weekend (if any)...and that was mostly the reason for taking Friday off so that he could get some done- knowing it would be really difficult the rest of the weekend.  Please pray for him, as he gears up for the 30th - Exam Day!!  He's really not feeling very comfortable with this course of study... but anyway.  God already knows the outcome... and he (Scott) will be doing his very best to pass.  You can be sure of that.

My sister Rachel and (fellow red-neck, to Scott) brother-in-law John and their three girls were here for the whole weekend.  They arrived Friday evening.  To which EARLY, EARLY Saturday morning (I'm talking 3AM) the guys left for VA to get my Mother in Law's stuff out of storage and haul it home. 

They did a quick trip and turn around.  Even though they stayed the night Saturday night-ish...they pulled out Sunday morning around 2AM and made it back to PA -in time to sit down to a hot breakfast of Baked Oatmeal before we all headed to Church Sunday morning.  They got Scott's Mom stuff unloaded after service and came back the house for lunch of Sloppy Joes.  We all took time to visit - around the table; the little ones played games, etc.  and soon it was time to part ways for the weekend and call it a "fun time"- another thing behind us.  And it's good for (particularly) Susie to be "settled"... or at least somewhat.  Now begins the rest of the settleing in, for her, in her little apartment.

But Saturday was not to be outdone by the guys.  Us ladies did our own gig of running around and pulling some heavy duty "trucking" ourselves.  My brother, Justin, came over about 7:30AM on Saturday along with my Mom and he watched three of the kiddo's while Rachel, our mother, the two littlest girls (Aubrey and Gracie) and myself.  We ran out to Lancaster to go some "fun" shopping, lunch, as well as my monthly grocery shop.  Shew!!!  We were pooped.

It's going to be a very mellow Monday!! NOT!  Lots of laundry today, and tidying up the house... figuring out where and how to store all these new toys we got from the neighbors and stuff.
No really, I must say.  It went very, very well.  All the kids did great.  Everybody pitched in and helped.  It was wonderful to have them in our home.


On  a side note - not so fun - but still family oriented is the fact that my other Brother-in-law, Stephen, (the one who I made the Messenger Bag for) - is from Haiti.  In fact, his Father and Mother are natives of Haiti, live there, and are currently Pastor's of a Mennonite Church and Nurse to a clinic there in Haiti.  Thank God there lives were spared as well as their home.  But they have friends, neighbors and many aquaintences that were not so fortunate.  In fact one of Stephen's best friends (he and his wife and twin babies) are "gone to be with the Lord"... at least there are no known (that we know of) whereabouts of them.  PLEASE, please be praying for Stephen (especially) as he is here in the states and not with his immediate family in his own homeland.  This totally affects my sister, Martha, and their two small children as well.  He will plan to make a trip there as soon as he is able.


  1. Thanks for the review of the farm show. We were told that it was worth going but we just weren't sure if it was worth it for US to drive that far with all five kids. It looks like it would have been though so hopefully next year. The kids will be even bigger then so it will be even easier.

  2. Your Farm Show pictures are great, especially the rooster.
    Whew! What a weekend. I'm pooped just reading about it.
    My heart goes out to EVERYONE touched by the crisis in Haiti.


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