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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Glowing Windows

Brrr, it's cold outside...yeah, I know not as cold as some (recent) days.  But what really is the temperature inside your home?  I'm not exactly sure where this long-time idea has come from.  Perhaps it was this - from these words of Bonnie Green, who said:

"It is the glow from within that creates beauty.  People are like stained-glass windows.  They sparkle like crystal in the sun.  At night they continue to sparkle only if there is light from within."
It's the idea of me being as a house with glowing windows!

If you drive around at night, everywhere you look, you will see these cozy looking little houses with little lights in every window.  (I would have them too, most likely, except for Mr. Frugal - Honey- with the Electric Bill. But that's okay, Babe!  I still have memories of when I was single or at best I have a pretty good imagination.   I can imagine them at every window.) 

I can remember as a young teenage daughter when I had two windows in my bedroom.  Of course, I had to have a little window light in each one.  This pretty near was a source of contention for our home, because at the time it seemed as though lights in windows were the start of a neighborhood fad, or "worldly" - without saying that.  In a more practical sense - it seemed as though it were a waste of electricity (ahemmm).  And, well our household, growing up, just wouldn't be having any of those things.  Until one night...

I can remember my dad was outside, one COLD winter's evening, chopping/splitting wood.  And as he came back inside, later that night, he mentions how "welcoming" the house looked - if and when he looked up towards the lighted windows - upstairs.  When he said "that", I knew right then and there the conversation was over and that things were okay.  To this day my Mother puts little lights in her house windows... and all is cozy well.

So, what makes for glowing windows?  There is obviously something REAL to be had - on the inside.  There is a warmth, a peace, and a cozy-feeling, per say, that has to go someplace.  There is a light - the Light of Life- that has to permeate the darkness.

It calls.

It comforts.

It's lovely.

It's beautiful.

It's a reflection.

It's warmth.

It's peace.

It's hospitable.  (Not meaning entertaining or serving a meal, necessarily.  But letting people in your life. Period.)

You can add more thoughts to this.  But here is where this dials down in my life...in my current standing as a wife and as a mother.  Particularly, as it pertains to being a Stay-at-Home Mom.

I am the temperature of my/our home.  How I am on the inside will show on the outside.  How I feel, react, respond, etc.... matters.  If I am happy or moody; smiling or grumpy; singing or snappy; friendly or COLD... whatever the condition of my heart, my being, my face, my persona...it's spreads infectiously, either good or bad, to my spouse and particularly to our children.  Including those outside our home, whether it's over the phone, or in the grocery line.

I want to be as a house with glowing windows!  Even if the windows are stain-glass windows and everything, looking on, appears all ornate and put together... it means very little, unless there is light from within.  That being the light of Jesus Christ shining through.  This is the only way there is true beauty, anyway.
Likewise, if my windows appear dirty or dingy looking on from the outside... certainly not perfect...there is a lot to be said about the temperature of the home on the inside.  When Jesus lives and reigns within, his light can't help but exude outward.  Regardless.

"...her lamp does not go out at night". ~ Proverbs 31:18b

: : What do people see, looking on?  Is there a drawing to the Light of Christ?  Is it a warm, cozy, comfortable place -inside- as Mommy's temperature guage reads "herein dwells a spirit of lovliness".?  Are you a house with "glowing windows"?


  1. Very well written, my friend. Yes, a woman sets the tone of her home. It is your warmth, love and faith that lights your home within. Take it from an old farm chick who has been around a long time.

    From the Ozarks hills and hollers have a very wonderfully blessed day!!!

  2. What a good post! There are so many good things here I'd like to ponder...which makes me smile (again) at your blog's title. When I visit you here, I always want to treasure up and ponder the things you write. Thank you, again, for the encouragement!


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