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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Homespun Baby! shoes ... Etsy shop announcement.

Last week,  Wednesday, I had the distinct privilege of meeting up with an old friend of mine ~ Rebekah ~ for a "cup of talk".  She and her husband currently live in FL.  And they now have a little guy who was looking to find himself a great pair of shoes!!!!   Rebekah ordered a pair of Homespun Baby! shoes from me... and here they are.  (At the bottom of this post - you will read an update for my Etsy shop regarding Homespun Baby! shoes)

~Homespun Baby! shoes~
Blue/Cream plaid ~ Baby Boy

Here is proud mama with her son Aaron.  He is (or maybe Rebekah is more) a real trooper for riding in a carseat/driving all the way from FL to PA to spend several weeks with friends and family before flying back home in just a couple of days.

Rebekah loved them!! I was really happy how these turned out, too.  The shoes fit a little on the bigger side (which she requested) - just so that he could wear them for awhile.  I was so happy to do these for her.  And getting together with her was just like old times. Our afternoon flew by so quickly and I think we could have "talked & talked". Bring on the coffee!  In her case, she asked for Hot Tea.  No biggie.  I drank tea instead.  She and I used to work together at our local Christian Bookstore years ago. 

Oh Rebekah!!  what fond memories we share. 

So here is my etsy shop announcement.

 In the recent past these shoes were available ONLY as a custom order.  Well, now I've decided that I am going to change that feature and just make them to sell - as they are, and to just list them as single, regular items.  It was seemingly difficult for me to keep up with the potential custom orders, let alone,  to keep record of the sales.  I would rather have them made and good to go.  So.  There you have it.  If you look on my etsy now,  there are no shoes listed ~  as of yet. 

Check back soon!!  I have some great homespun fabrics that I'm just dying to get made into little shoes.
But first, I have several more bag orders to fill.  I'm just "Sew Busy!" - but hey, I like it this way.

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  1. What sweet little shoes. I'm a real sucker for baby shoes anyway.

    You have a greatly blessed day!!!


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