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Thursday, January 21, 2010

I love, Love, LOVE this bag!!

Sorry this post is a little behind in coming out today, I have a little guy with an earache (his first, that I know of).  He's pretty pathetic, but he wants to be in good spirits, so I guess that is a good thing.  He woke up pretty early this morning, crying (but more like whimpering) and holding his ear, saying it hurts - and asking, "what happened?"  So, a good dose of Ibuprofen, couple of fun laughs with Aubrey (he was trying!) and a couple of solid naps already this morning... we'll shall see.


So, I love this bag that I made for my friend Gail.  I told her I would make her one... as a gift, because that is what she is to me.  She is too funny, though.  It took her an awfully long time to fully decide on what style of bag she prefered, and then it was the color scheme.  I try to avoid "full customization" unless I REALLY, TRULY know you...and then I'll work with you.  ;)  Gail has been my biggest exception...

I would call her, ask her to come over and see *new* fabric selections to see if any would "suit" her fancy.

Finally.  We found this burgandy fleur de lis type tapestry that she just "KNEW"... was it.  And then.  She has been so wonderful in helping to find/supply vintage buttons for me (Although she has her own stories of how she would often get in trouble for doing this - you can even ask Scott about this one!).  One day she brought me a huge bagful of buttons - plus they were sorted.  yeah!!

Here she showed me her absolute, most favorite, *teal* button.  I just knew I had to figure out how to implement this button into the bag and it's color scheme.  And, so I just ran with it.  One reason it worked so well is that there is a teal undertone to the fabric already.  The button helped to pull that out.

It's a little hard to see it because of the glare... but it is a really cool *teal* button.  And it works really, really well.  I also used it upside down (which was the real favorite side of this button, for her).  I wasn't afraid to do that, because little do you know that I intentionally do this already - a lot.  Okay, so now you know a little secret of mine.  But, that's okay.

Then came the lining fabric, and what to use for this?  I had, on hand, a vintage looking cotton floral.  Do I dare?  Ooohhh, sometimes floral on floral is a little too much.  But the colors of it and the style of it  was just what I needed to continue the dance of teal and burgandy.  Look, and see, what  I mean...

This fabric is "on the edge", of whether this was the best choice to use or not.  But, I loved this lining fabric (it was a little hard to part with it), and since it was going to go into Gail's bag, well, it just all came together very nicely, so I'm just glad it's in hers. The pocket on the inside is one huge, deep pocket - with a seam down the center - creating two pockets.  The tan flower button is one that Gail had given me in the bag assortment of buttons.  One of Gail's preferances was that the handles be on the longer side.  Thankfully I could make this work for her.  I am usually pretty limited to what I can do - for handles- based on the fabric selections that I have.  She can wear this bag on her shoulder...which is what she wanted.  So, I'm very glad.

 ~Gaily Gathered Fleurs~

: :  Do you love the name of this bag, or what?  You know me, always playing on words...

Go ahead and check out a new listing in my etsy shop.  I was able to sneak them in there this morning.


  1. That is a gorgeous bag and the name is perfect! I loved reading about all of the planning that went into it; I'm sure there were lots of laughs. :)

    Praying that Caleb feels better soon. In addition to ibuprofen, we always put a drop or two of lightly warmed olive oil in the ear and that seems to help the pain.

  2. Oh that is so cute and the inside is adorable. You're good girl:)


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