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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

J * O * Y

This is another SALE made for Bags by Bevy! ~ an order that was placed before & hoped to be finished by Christmas, but instead I needed to be put on the "to-do-after" list...

Thankfully I was able to finish it up over this past weekend, and that is another order down.  I tell you what, I am so amazed by what blessing that this whole endeavor of ~ Bags by Bevy~ has become.  I honestly had no idea that there would be such a response to these bags, a whole year ago.

~ J * O * Y ~


That said.

Please come back tomorrow for another Giveaway!!  Yes! you read that correctly.  It will be one year tomorrow that I have been blogging here at Treasured up and Pondered.  And, as well, Bags by Bevy was born.  And, so to thank you, all my readers, I would like to give away another one of my bags. 

You can't see it yet, because I am literally still working on it.  ;) 
See you tomorrow!! 

In the meantime you can stroll into my etsy shop and see two new bags posted there.


  1. YAY! So glad you are doing well Bevy:) I love letters in the mail too. Never get them, but it's like Christmas morning when it happens!!

  2. I love how you give each one a name. How unique and creative! Where did you get you "brand name" labels for them?

  3. Hey Christy: Thanks for asking... I think you mean the "B" tag off to the side? Well, its really a long story. I ordered twill ribbon tags from JKM (I believe) which I love, BUT... I do not like the ink I choose for it. It's the wrong color and rubs off. Not good. So, I actually hand embroider over the letter "B" - using the inked letter as my pattern.

    Lightbulb moment one day - get creative when you have too.

    And, as far as naming each of the bags... it helps me keep track of them for sales and I think it helps to personalize them even more. :)

  4. That bag is absolutely gorgeous! I love the ones on ETSY, too. Congratulations on a year of blogging and on the success of your beautiful bags!


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