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Thursday, January 28, 2010

lil mommy!

Not to be outdone by her brother...I, recently, found Aubrey, one morning, playing with her dolls.  She hasn't named them yet - but I'm sure that day will come. Still, at 16 1/2 months, I think she makes a good lil mommy.

You see, it is a little bit unusual - at this stage- for her to be playing, with dollies, on her own, especially when Big Brother is also playing with trains, cars and anything else that "moves", at the same time.

You can read between the lines on that one, if you want too.

I love this picture of Aubrey. 
Loving on her little babies...she's such a good lil mommy!

She takes them shopping...

~Off to "Costco", we go!~

  We say that because she puts the babies in side-by-side like you do with their carts.  Not too many stores (that we know of) have this option with their carts.

~Oops! Learning to deal with rambunctiousness, here.~

This shopping cart was also a gift from Uncle John and Aunt Rachel (and cousins),  for Christmas. 
And, let me tell, you, it's put in a lot of miles already.


These next two pics are of her from a couple of months ago.  Again, it is so precious to me that I find her playing so nicely with dolls - on such rare form and occasion.

Aubrey doesn't know this yet, but she is about to "inherit" Grandma Susie's collection of Raggedy Anne and Andy Dolls... one day soon!!


I also can't wait to teach Aubrey some really good "doll-mommy" methods, from when I was growing up.  Here are a few things we did, and oohh how my cousins and I had such a blast in our childhood days with our imaginative play of "homemaking and motherhood". .. things my older cousin used to shake her head at us, younger gals, for.  We would:

  • Take baby bottles; fill about a quarter of the way up with flour and then add water.  Shake, shake shake.  Makes great baby milk.

  • Do the same idea, but put it into baby food jars.  This time make it really thick and add food coloring.  Makes great baby food.  (don't forget about it and leave it in the sun - makes a real mess)

  • Take warm wax from an old candle and shape it into a pacifer.  Worked like a charm.

  • Make our babies cry.  gnahhh, gnahhhhh, gnahhhhhhhhhhhhhh -  the "realer" you could make it sound, the better.  (we would actually practice this...actually, I would to try to keep up with her)

  • We would  pat their back's just right and make our babies BURP really well... rather unbaby-like, to say the least. ;)

  • We would make our own baby toys (with beads and stuff)...

  • Our Mother's would let us use real baby clothes.  We used real diaper pins and cloth diapers.

  • And, we had the "baby blanket wrap" down to a science.

  • Our "play house" (their old chicken coop) was the "realist" thing to having a real house you could find.  We kept that thing maticulous and everyday (that we could) it would get rearranged & cleaned up to make it even BETTER!
     ...there are many, many more memories I could share...

So having a good imagination is the key to quality play time.  My cousins and I were talking about this the last time we were together at our one family gathering.  My cousin Becky(who I was mostly referring to in this post) is a couple of years older then me, and has teenage children down to a young toddler ( a total of seven)...and she was saying that her children "have no imagination" these days - not like we did growing up. 

: : YEAH! This was the same cousin who ~ we used to "hug trees" out in the backyard, pretending they were our boyfriends... or, we would play Hospital.  We were the nurses and the Dr's were our boyfriends... we would call "STAT" through the designated call systems - just so we could give them kisses....ahh what memories...and having a *good imagination* is the understatement of the day

I just hope I can instill some good positive imaginative play in my little ones...  I know it comes down to teaching them how it's done.  You should've seen Caleb's face the first time - as he watched me "play baby dolls" with Aubrey, crying and burping them, etc.  He even wanted to be included so I told him he should play "the daddy" and put the babies to bed - one night.  He even bent over the side of the doll crib to say good-night and cover them up. 


  1. So cute. :)
    I like your new picture at the top of the cup of coffee with the steam. Hmmmmmm.....

  2. I have enjoyed many of the similar precious moments with my four daughters. I can promise you, friend, it pays off. Now I am watching my oldest mother two of her own and she's doing a great job. It is an important priviledge, raising our daughters to be mothers for the Lord!

  3. Bevy,
    It sounds like you played a "few hours" with your dolls, when you were young.
    Great ideas, that I will be passing on to my daughter, for her daughter.
    PS Aubrey's hair is beautiful!

  4. Those baby dolls are certainly well loved.


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