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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nope! (and Blessed ~ Giveaway)

You got to hate it when it's nine o'clock in the morning... and you hear this insistent pounding on the door... only to realize that you're still in PJ's and in the middle of wrestling breakfast into the kids.  The knocking continues... HARD.  "Maybe they'll give up, and go away"... I think to myself.   Nope!

This all just happened to me, yesterday.

I grab another jacket/shirt thingy to put over my shoulders so as not to show off to much of myself... and answer the door.  It's a "cute-as-all-get-out", little old man who also happens to also be a UPS delivery man.  And a very confused UPS delivery man at that.  He was sure this was Apt. A.  "Nope!  We're apt. B, sorry".  "Well, where was A"?  again, very confused and seemingly quite frustrated, to say the least.

All I could think about was how I was so conspicuously standing in PJ's - a lot longer then I had hoped, now that I was trying to explain that Apt. A was on the other side of the barn... he felt terrible.  I was embarressed.

But it was my fault.  I opened the door.  It's just that I already was feeling behind the 8-ball... at 9:00am in the morning, not yet dressed for the day.  I was basically caught red-handed. 

Then.  Let's blame this one on the weather, shall we?

Don't you just hate when, later the same morning, your two year old decides to be an artist and black crayon streaks are now all over the "pink" carpet?  Uhmmm...Caleb, we rent here, you know... Son, don't you realize that?   "Nope!"  Of course not, he's two years old.

~there are more pictures then these... but this is plenty for you to get the idea~

 Thank God for Resolve Carpet Cleaner and paper towels that Grandma Susie brought over the other day.  Perhaps it was the "elbow grease" that made a slight differance, as well.

It's like... what else can take you for a tail spin - all in one day?  I could feel the tension rising within me... of a day starting out, "off kilter".  And my response to it... was?
"Nope!  I ain't gonna let it get to me, (sin) you're knocking at the wrong door."

Don't you love when {that} happens? 

I thank God for a resolve to keep my responses in check, today, rather then to react. 
I just hope I did okay.  I didn't need anymore "black  (crayon) marks" on my heart, more then what's already there, if you know what I mean? 

 And the day had only just begun...

That said.  I am BLESSED beyond measure to even have a place to call home.  A shelter over my head;  with carpet (although I love hardwood flooring better, for me personally) for the kids to play comfortably on, and a front door that does get knocked on once in a while, even if its not really for me.

If you're feeling  Blessed today, let me know!!   Don't forget about my giveaway...on till Friday at 8pm EST.


  1. Every day is a blessing, although I don't always recognize that. Thank you for your gentle reminders!

  2. Okay, I know I'm getting carried away with the comments here but I'm laughing my head off because the doorbell just rang and it was UPS...and, you guessed it, I'm still in my pajamas! Only, in my case, it's 11:00! I'm going to get dressed right now! ;) Thank you again for inspiring me!

  3. ill trade you my hardwood for your carpet! it is so cold and looks dirty faster! i wonder if the iron and wax paper trick would work on crayon on carpet like it does on candle wax on tablecloths?

  4. Oh No! Sounds like something one of my boys would have pulled when they were little!


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