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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nothing but clear blue skies

Is this what you see...when you look into his eyes? 

My husband's eyes do happen to be blue - but that's not what I'm talking about.  Let me explain...


When you look into your man's eyes, do you see "us", "together"... you and him... "forever"?  When I look into my man's eyes, I have to ask myself the same question.  Do I see "us", "together",  forever"?   yes, but...

I know trials and dark moments can quickly cloud the vision sometimes...It's hard to see where he's coming from, or even where he's going.  Somedays it's hard to agree; it's hard to appreciate; it's hard to love-long... and overlook faults & failures.  It's hard to be ONE - especially if and when my eyes are "gazing" in the opposite direction - then his. 

Have you tried to stop, recently, and just gaze into your spouse's eyes for several long minutes?  The eyes are the windows to the soul, you know?  What do you see?  Do you even want to see?  Do your eyes communicate (speak clearly) that you want to "be" - here?   If he stops to gaze long into your eyes, what will he see?  Connection?  Togetherness?  Vision for your home and family?  Love & Understanding?

I have.  I have had to stop... to look into his eyes, long enough to know the "heart work" begins with me.

Literally speaking,  it's easy to look into your man's eyes... however, figuratively (or emotionally) speaking, to look into his eyes and to "know his soul" takes "heart work".  Be willing to go there...it's so worth it.

: : What does your future (your marriage relationship) have, that together, you can't help but say, " ...Nothing but Clear Blue Skies"?  

If your struggling in your marriage, today.  Don't be afraid lift your gaze first to the Father who knows all things... ask him to heal your heart (and starting with you - restore your vision for your marriage)...share with some one who can help; to encourage you by listening & by praying for you... and then, when you're ready, take a long minute to gaze into your man's eyes - with confidence - letting him know why it is you love him so.  Here are my reasons....Why I love him so.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. With all that's been going on here the past couple of weeks I have forgotten to take those deep looks.

  2. great post bevy. really great.

    and i just read the comment you left on my blog~
    thank you so much for those words.



  3. Thought provoking blog.
    And I totally agree with you.
    (been married for 32 yrs)

  4. Yes, when I look into my Husband's eyes I see the reflection of our lives together. I see a heart that loves me more than life itself. I see a man who loves the Lord with all his soul. I see a marriage that has weathered the storms, faced the winds and survived the floods where we can walk hand in hand into the blue skies of the sunshine. We would never enjoy the flowers if the skies were always blue. Great post!!!

    God bless and have a fantastic day!!!

  5. That was so good Bevy. Kind of goes along with my Love Dare.

  6. This is great Bev. Just the other night I was thinking about this and what I see when I look in his eyes. I saw a man who loves his family more then life its self and serves the Lord with all his being. It truly is amazing and sometimes I wonder if I give as selflessly as he does. Either way, I always feeel like I would simply die if it ever came to a "him with out me" situation. God has truly blessed me/us and I pray that I can raise my sons to love, like their daddy does!

  7. This post brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Beautifully and truthfully stated. Most times life is so hectic and crazy that the time isn't made to stop and look into each others' eyes....thank you for this powerful reminder to make the effort to really SEE the man we marrried the way God sees him.


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