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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"warm cookies row on row..."

I just love that line...here is where it is from. A poem selected out of ~ Family (Issue) Ideals.

Happy Homes
by Mabel Wilson

It takes such simple homey things
To hold a family together;
It's keeping home fires burning
Regardless of the weather.

It's keeping home life cheery
And a kitchen spick-and-span,
For these things do bring happiness
To children and to man.

The smell of luscious gingerbread,
Are but two familiar things
Our children ought to know.

Oft repeated prayers of thanks
For life's meat and bread,
Can sustain our restless hearts
And keep our minds well fed.

Love and peace and harmony,
And kind words daily spoken,
Are keys unlocking happy homes
With no hearts sad or broken.


Just thinking today, again, of how Blessed I am. That I have a Home to manage and little hearts to tend to and influence.  That I have a husband who can't wait to come HOME every night...
and tells me so, each day.

I'm grateful to God for his Sustaining Blessings, in my life... when so many are harried, hurting & homeless.
It hardly seems right.  Thinking of the many... in Haiti.

 But with mixed feelings, I hope to be making these today.

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  1. I can't wait to have a cup of talk with you! Make mine Decaf, please :)
    p.s. have you read your emails I sent this week?


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