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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Wilde Blue Yonder" - Messenger Bag

This is another one of those 'after Christmas' bags that was ordered.  Scott had my brother-in-law's name (Stephen), for Christmas, and although he had other gifts for him to give that day, this was also to be part of his gift.  The Messenger Bag (idea) was an acutual request from Stephen himself. He asked for something with denim and flannal, and this is what I had around, to work with... and I just got to finishing it over this past weekend.  Thankfully he's a patient guy.  I hope he loves!!

Merry Belated Christmas, Stephen!

~Wilde Blue Yonder~


Now, it's on to filling another Homespun Baby! shoes order, placed over the weekend.  Yeah!!
I have a little bit of time - but not a whole lot - before this friend of mine heads back to FL.  She's here, visiting family, with her little guy until the 22nd.  But I told her to come by Wednesday afternoon (or that we'll meet somewhere; like at the bookstore where we used to work together).
 I can't wait to see her again... it's been so long since we've had a cup of talk, and I'm so tickled to be able to do these baby shoes for her son.  What a great reason or chance to get together again...

Thanks for your order, Rebekah!  I REALLY appreciate it.

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