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Monday, February 22, 2010


Remember this?? 

 I  F*I*N*A*L*L*Y finished this bag, last week, despite everyone having their turn of being sick.  This bag ~Colonial Gardens~  is a special order for a friend of our family. 
I think she may be coming by sometime this week to pick it up. 
Hope you love it, Barb, and thank you for your order!

~Colonial Gardens~


~Quiet Beauty~
Made it's way out of my etsy shop this weekend.
I was so happy to make another - my first official SALE for the New Year!
Thank you so much, Kristy!

We had a WONDERFUL weekend.  Busy, but blessed.  How about you?


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  2. Our weekend was busy too.... But we had this wonderful time of rest with a really sweet family. Could tell from the lunch spread that the lady of the house worked really hard, and had a special gift of hospitality. Even my kids couldn't stop talking about how nice this family was. Thank you !!! :)

  3. Awesome! I actually made my first Etsy sale last week! I've sold a lot to friends and at local shows but this was the first sale through the site. I was excited to say the least!:-)

    Hope your family is getting better!

  4. What a beautiful bag you made. How talented!

  5. Kristy, you're very kind...

    thanks for 'not judging' me by the looks of my sewing room... and still see the Quiet Beauty in the midst. ;)

    We totally enjoyed having you as guests in our home.

  6. You have such a keen eye for detail.
    I really like looking inside your bags. Very good!

  7. Beautiful! I love both of them!


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