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Monday, February 15, 2010

As parents, we...

We ask for Wisdom on how best to parent our children, right?  We're young and inexperienced.  We need wisdom.

Well, let's just say - God in his wisdom has decided that we need on the spot training.  Last week it was Aubrey.  Now, last night, as though this were some "give and take" sort of game... Caleb decides its "Caleb's turn".  If he were coherant enough to add to the conversation -  that's exactly what he would say.

Except. Buddy.  This is not a game, nor is it funny

He ended up being so sick through out this whole last night.  Caleb probably threw up at least 6-8 times, and we're totally baffled as to if it was something that he ate or what?  I think between Scott and I we got about 3 hours of sleep - ironically, I would feel the bug crawl and then so would Scott (although the bug knew better, with us).  Again, we're not sure if it was empathy feelings or if it was for real.  Of course, Aubrey tried a round of it again, too.  That said. 

I, once again, thank God for a wonderful husband who chose to willingly sacrifice the comforts of his own bed to sleep on the kids bedroom floor, prepared for action, at any point...which it did come with full bore, yes indeed.

So.  The wisdom moment has arrived.  With credit to my friends Lee & Gail who have told us, "don't try to move your kids (in the moment) to have them barf in the bathroom, across the way... let them stay in one spot (unless the kid comes running to you, in which case, it's too late) so that the mess stays more or less contained".  And number two.  This would explain why my parents would keep "puke buckets" under each of us kid's bed.  We weren't allowed to play with them, nor move them.  Now, I understand, mom.  I get it. 

"Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding." ~Proverbs 3:13 - KJV
This is just one small realm, in the whole scheme of parenting, isn't it?  Lord help us, I pray... I ask you, dear blogger friends, to also pray for us (for healing) and for me as a tired mama, that for this day, I would find strength enough to "hang in there"... for wisdom to know what to do for each moment, of this day, as it comes.

So, when is wisdom attained?  After it's been understood, experienced and learned or just by hearing words of advice and thinking "you know, that sounds like a really great idea"?  Because I honestly don't want to have to have another night like that, again. at least in days and weeks, back to back, like it's been.  You'd think by the sounds of that, we're really wise, now, on how to handle kids "tossing their cookies" in the middle of the night.


  1. Oh Bevy, I will be praying for you guys. We just went through this about a week ago with Rachel. Good advice to keep the buckets in the bedroom...I never thought of that...it would save alot of cleaning up! Hoping that today is better for you,my friend! Laura Suermann

  2. Oh that's just awful! Sending prayers that you all won't get sick now.

  3. Hi Noodle!
    How terrible!!! Sounds like you guys had quite a night. My nephews had it two weeks ago and then Kev and Karen got it and then Mom got her fair share. Sorry to hear the bug hit your family. Just had to let you know I'm thinking of you and hoping you all feel better very soon so we can have a visit. :)

  4. Sounds like the dreaded stomach flu has chosen your family as the next victim. We had it several weeks ago (remember my Caleb's ER visits). I'll be praying for you. And, yes, you learn quickly that the bucket brigade is the best course of action when your children are throwing up. I'll be praying for you!

  5. I'm so sorry your babes are sick. I remember those days and you'll get through them. I'm praying for all of you.

  6. And you wondered what you would write about next.....

    All joking aside - we will be praying for you guys this week, and especially tonight for a break. Doesn't it make you wonder how you did with no sleep for weeks on end when they were born? I always wonder that when ours are up....

    Get rest today!!!

  7. Hi dear friend... so sorry your wee ones are feeling puney... we all had it last week while visiting FL. UGH! My bit of advice is to make sure they stay hydrated. Even 2 TB of water every 10 mins. can keep them from getting dehydrated. LOVE YOU! We'll be praying for you - really :)


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