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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blog Randomness...

Hey, thanks everyone for all the great comments you left- regarding my recent button post.  You all have some really good ideas - or not.  Some of you have joined forces with the "thousand excuses"-  to which I just smiled.  Not that I'm condoning laziness (in myself or you)... but you've found this all to be so relatable. ((sigh))  I can appreciate it.

If you're wondering where I was yesterday... I was at my sister's place making a couple of batches of cinnamon rolls again.  All, but three, of us (nine) siblings got together, along with our little ones, to have a sister's/baking day.  It went pretty well. And it is so nice to have fresh baked goods available to out of the freezer for those random guests.  You know who you are...
My sister also made (wonderful) Potato Pie for lunch.  I'll have to do a post on Potato Pie sometime. It's so good!!

It's snowing beautifully here again today... it sounds like we're in for another "large PA snowstorm" over the next day or two.  And, I don't know if I'm calling this an excuse or not... but I "fell off the roof" this morning.  So, I think I'll just putz around the house in sweats and a t-shirt all day.... sipping on hot coffee and sneaking in a chocolate or two.  I hope the little ones feel like "relaxing" right along with me today. 

Maybe I'll sort a few buttons.  If not buttons, at least the laundry. ;)

: : To "fall off the roof" is an expression for getting your monthly cycle.  A phrase, I grew up using, that I quickly forget others may not know what I'm referring to.  oops!  Sorry!


  1. You what?????
    Fell off the roof?
    Whew! Take the day off. You deserve it.
    Question, what were you doing on the roof?

  2. I'm glad you clarified! hahaha I was thinking-she what?!? Never heard that one before!

  3. Ha! Ha! Must be an old Dutchy expression~~one that I remember! Enjoy the chocolate and coffee. It's a great day to be snowed in. Maybe have a cinnamon roll, too~~they sounded wonderful. ;-)

  4. Hi Bevy
    This comment has nothing to do with this post. I read a prior post a while ago about you shopping at a discount store in Lancaster and I was wondering where it is.

  5. I have never heard that expression before. I'm glad you cleared it up for us!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Love your new header Bevy. It's really pretty:) I would love to just smell your sister's kitchen. Nothing like cinnamon rolls baking to make your mouth water:)

  8. Sounds like a nice day.
    I laughed so hard about falling off the roof because I was at a friend's house once, and I came inside, saying that I'd fallen off the roof. I couldn't understand why no one seemed to care, until I showed them where I'd cut my leg. I'd been sunbathing up on the roof and I really did fall off!
    That was the first time I heard that phrase but I never forgot it! :)


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