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Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday's Finds: {no. 5/10}


Need I say anymore???  other then that these are a really GREAT Friday's Finds

Truth is; It's wonderful having a Mother-in-law, who now lives close by, and is choosing to pass her family treasures on to me ~ to us!!

Caleb sure has been enjoying the books;  To and Fro, Day by Day and Busy World, with characters Billy, Jane and their pet monkey, Winky.  Do you remember these?  They remind me of the Dick & Jane books... which I was told we'll also inherit that whole series - one day - when they can be parted with!  Ooohh, I cannot wait...

I believe all these books are all from Scott's Grandmother's collection... some even have one of Scott's uncle's name written in, from back when he was in school.  And, yes! Grandma Susie (Scott's mom) has just recently reread them herself, before passing them on.  Isn't that fun?

: : Maybe you'll find a good book, this weekend, to reread.   Make an old memory - come alive.

 Enjoy your weekend, everyone...
and, I think we are to have some serious snow in our forecast, around here, this weekend!  I'm not sure if I'll be reading or sewing. ;) 


  1. Awesome! I love old books. How neat for your MIL to live nearby now and share things with you.

  2. I adore old books! I have them all over my house! Yours are great! The new header is awesome, by the way!

  3. I have some of those same books! Since I love vintage, I use them for school, so my "school cabinet" looks a little more decorative. I especially love the illustrations, don't you? I think the biggest blessing of your books is the family heritage. I love the history behind what few family treasures I have.

  4. Jen: Thank you! for the new header compliment. I got to thinking about how I could come up with something - out of our own home, that really speaks into what this blog *trys* to protray.

    This cabinet actually is an old family treasure, too. And I took black and white photos - ran them through a color copier and stuck the copied pics inside the old jars... so all those pictures are of my parents, their families growing up,grandparents and great-grandparents, on both sides of the family.

    Some of them are hard to see, but it still gets the message across...that family is to be and remain a treasure... as well as old books! :) with all their stories to tell.

  5. Hey Bev, I really like your new header. Very vintige like. Great pic. rachel A.

  6. I like you Header, also.
    But don't get rid of the coffee cup!
    It's like your "signature" picture.
    I like the frames that your pictures are in.
    Good job.

  7. I meant to comment about how much I love the books! I recognize some of them because my mom collects old children's books.

    Your new header is amazing!


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