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Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday's Finds {no. 7/10}

I've been looking out my kitchen window this afternoon (I wrote this yesterday) and feeling like I'm looking on at a snowglobe - getting all shook up.  Remember those fun things? 

I wonder, why is it that we're not hearing all of these fabulous songs, playing on the radio; "Let it snow! Let it snow!  Let it snow!" and "Walkin' in a winter wonderland...", right now?  

I suppose everybody is ready (or getting ready) for Spring!! in some way or another.

But, here we go with our area's round four of Snow for the season.  I have friends all over blogworld talking of choosing and buying their seeds or plants and getting their gardens ready.  They're actually showing pictures of their playing in the dirt and their leafy greens ready to plant.  We won't be seeing that, around here, for - a long while.  Instead, we'll be making mud pies...

The weather outside is frightful...
You should hear the wind howling.  It's making me feel like White Chicken Chili and Cornmeal Rolls for supper tonight.  My sister actually sent me a recipe for these rolls that I'm going to just have to try.  I will have to see how they turn out and share the recipe with you later - you know, as a pre-feature for today's Friday's Finds.  ;)  As well as this... I'm trying to warm up the kitchen with some good smellin' "cozy". 
Lit candles are always a good thing, too.

The fire is so delightful...Enjoy the snowflakes- building one on top of another; your cozy kitchens; your hands playing in the dirt... whatever it is!   Wherever you find yourself...  And since we've got no place to go, maybe, we'll get a chance to walk around outside in that winter wonderland, sometime this weekend.

On the lane, the snow is glistening...
~~~~~ In the meadow we can build a snowman.~~~~

Oh, yeah. I wanted to tell you all that Caleb and Aubrey did notice a fun sign of spring outside our bay window off of the dining room, the other day.

Here they noticed a bunny...sitting there, looking all around... It looked as though he wanted to have some sort of conversation. But, since "bunnies say nothing at all" (a line from one of our children's books) ... the conversation was definitly one-sided. The children were certainly entertained, and very thrilled. Or, should I say -LOUDLY thrilled, as there were fingers pointed, lots of gibber-gabber and yelling out the window.  The bunny soon hopped back into his or her cozy little home under our back porch.  But I was surprised that they didn't actually scare him off. 

It doesn't show signs of stopping.

We're hanging in there.  Mr. Bunny, we're looking for some green grass too, little guy.

Have a safe, cozy weekend everyone!!


  1. I am seeing the same snow outside my window giving us a school closing snowday here in Western NY. Stay warm!

  2. The snow seems to bring out the best in people, too. A neighbor just came along with his tractor and dug out our mailbox and another neighbor's as well.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Snowing and Blowing here, too! We're getting drifted in! I'm getting ready to make a Buttermilk Cocoa Cake. MMMM! It's leftover Enchiladas, Rice and A Big Salad for us for dinner tonight, but a huge bowl of White Chili does sound SO GOOD!

  4. That snow is beautiful.

    It's pouring rain here in CA right now! :)

  5. Great post!
    This was fun to read and very witty.
    I do feel sorry for all of you. It isn't fun to be stuck inside for so long.

    Sure hope Spring comes soon!


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