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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So here we are on the second month of the new year on the second day and your lookng for Scott's Second Sayings........Well, I must confess; Bevy has been "after me" for the last three days as to what I was going to write.;)  Most unfortunate, though, is that I am one that I can only do one thing at a time. With my exam this past weekend this place has been VERY "catering" to me so that I could finish up studying. (Can I just brag on my man, here?  He got a score of a 860 out of a possible 900!  Way to go babe!!) 

With all of my efforts dedicated to that, I have come upon the 2nd with "no real post ideas". So as I am heading out the door for work I at least wanted to say Hello to all and apologize.  However, I suppose I could take a quick moment and share a few things that I thought about touching on:

1.) We praise God that my brother-in-law's (Stephen) cousin and family have been found alive and well (whom we had heard nothing of for "too long") in Haiti. He is Haitien himself, and I can only imagine the nerves going "hay-wire" in wait.  Stephen told us he lost one (girl) cousin... but he didn't personally know her real well.  Still.  It's tough, knowing his parents are still living there (though very, VERY afraid) and that this his "homeland".  Keep praying for them, please.  Stephen told us recently, that he would like to make a trip to Haiti in the near future.

2.) Bevy's post on Nothing but Clear Blues Skies appears to have been a real encouragment to many. We, as a couple, we work at this all the time, and have many failures. It is through those failures, though, that we find out where we need to be strengthened and where more growth is needed.   So, in the end, it turns out to be a real blessing.  Stay tuned for a few more posts, coming up, to this regard...

3.) A friend of Bevy's emailed us, recently, with some questions regarding a comment that Bevy had made about our grocery shop list. It (Bevy's comment) was in reference to budgeting and list making and sticking to it. If I can just digress, for a second, the world view of "he who dies with the most toys wins" is a lie.

If you are a couple facing monetary issues, PLEASE seek wise counsel from someone that you trust (or like in GOD himself, and HIS WORD) and do not go down that path. Working out financial issues is difficult and yes, our own sinning heart, at times, will pursue things of this world.  But, I would like to encourage you to be firm in your efforts of telling your money what to do,instead of  letting your money tell YOU what to do. I am not looking at pointing out Bevy's friend, I am just bringing this up, in general,  as we have had several people question us about our LIST and BUDGETING.

If I can just give you any more encouregment... If you and your spouse are "unequally yoked" in your finances...please, Please, PLEASE sit down and talk those issues out. I will garuantee it will not be fixed over night, but in time with prayer and effort, things will settle out and you will see the fruit of your efforts. As well, I believe it is Proverbs chapter 28 that would be a good read on this. (On a side note, Bevy is my posting editor and she will correct that if I am wrong...thanks babe).  Yeah, that is a good chapter to read, as well as many, many more verses in Proverbs...

4.) As we look into February, we have many activities coming up. We are looking forward to hosting (dinner invitation) a couple from church, that we have been wanting to get to know. We have butchering season (later this year, for some reason) at the end of the month. Will be taking some time to get my mom's computer all hooked up, and watching the game next weekend. ;) As well as,YES!, I have started my next computer course already (last night), and look forward to May, to take that exam.   And then, in the latter part of May we have friends traveling from TN,  to come visit us with their triplets.  Can't wait for that!!  Our kids are going to totally LOVE them and their doting attention.

So until March, to all, please be safe and blessed. Know the one that has saved us, and He is risen. As Bevy posted some time ago, Don't keep Jesus in the Manger.


  1. Congratulations on your exam! You're blessed to have such a supportive family. Well done!

  2. Congrats to your honey on his test score!

  3. Well done on the post and good job on the exam!
    (love the idea of you sharing your thoughts)


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