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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Simply Sweet Ideas...

Simple, simple Valentine's Day ideas.  What you could do for friends or family.
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 I love this one ~  You can check it out here.   You know how I feel about handwritten notes...

And, I don't usually do any real decorating for Valentine's Day... but I have decorated someone's car once with candy "Hugs & Kisses", one right after the other, all across the dashboard of their car.  Sweet!!  at least I thought so...

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Heart shaped pancakes for your family's breakfast.

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Easy-peasy treat to make with your family ~ for your family.

Gather all your ingredients.  Tom Sturgis *little ones* pretzels work the best.  Unwrapped kisses.  M & M's (using colors to match the mood of the season/event your making these for).

Get your little ones involved.  Without eating too many.

Watch closely for about two minutes.

Peppermint Kisses (red and white striped) are fun to use, but I'll be honest... Chocolate (of any kind) is a faarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr better choice, to use, in my humble opinion.

This is what happens when you use whatever you have on hand.  In this case I picked out all the red and brown M & M's to give me what I needed.  Obviously Peppermint Kisses were leftover from Christmas, but who knew?  Pretzels are always around here at our house.  ;)

Serve up with a huge smile!
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Go out on a date with your mate, which I cannot believe my man wants to take this ole Sour-puss out on a "real date" tonight, but he does.  I really am so blessed, because I don't deserve someone as sweet as he.

** That is, if we can find someone to babysit.  You know - last minute stuff, and all.  I still think it is a simply sweet idea, even if it doesn't happen. **


  1. Those are some great ideas. I'll have to try them!

  2. I hope you found a babysitter and had a great time on your date! I know we all have our unpleasant and carnal moments, but I have a hard time believing that you are a total sour puss. :-)You seem to have such a sweet spirit.

    A friend of mine makes those little pretzel goodies. I love the salty and sweet combination.

    We spent the day antiquing yesterday for Valentine's. We went to a small town we hadn't been to before. We love to poke around in little shops and such so it's the perfect "date" for us. There were several thrift stores too that made it worthwhile and I picked up a couple things there, since we can't afford most things in antique stores! But we do love looking at everything! It was fun and proof that time spent together doesn't have to cost a lot of money.

  3. I love the pretzel idea...simple, quick, easy, and I'm sure they're delicious, too!

  4. What a sweet blog! I love finding other stay at home moms...especially the ones who believe as I do! I also love the Lord and strive to grow closer to Him each day. I was just "blog surfing" and came across your corner of the world.
    I am a wife and mother of four. We homeschool and live north of you in NH. I hope you visit my blog and leave a comment, too!


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