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Monday, February 8, 2010

snow love

When would it start?  The forecast was all a buzz, and all over the map.  Finally, for us... around 9:00 pm... the Winter White blessings began to swirl and the next morning; what a beautiful sight it was!  Nobody was going anywhere.  We were snowed in and lovein' it.

...well, not Aubrey so much.  She tends to "stand still" and not budge and inch in the snow.
She takes after her mother... I think.   I'll admit that willingly .

Snow LOVE!


Then, I got to play with something Saturday Morning that I have never used before.  This iron skillet.  I really think I am going to love it... It's just that I feel so intimidated.  Can you believe this?

But, I need your suggestions for seasoning it and caring for it and also any recomendations for what you LOVE to cook in an iron skillet.  PLEASE!  Please share your recipes or ideas with me...and I'll love you for it.

I told someone that I plan to enjoy being "Sewed in" while being snowed in...

This little "Be Mine" pocket pouch is actually a prototype idea for a new line in Bags by Bevy.  This one is actually to be given to my sister for Valentine's Day!  Just a little LOVE be sent her way...Shhhhh!! 

**Speaking of Bags by Bevy, have you taken a look-see, lately?  There are two new bags in there - great for a Valentine Gift, should you need one.  Hint.  Hint.

And, this next picture is of another bag being made for a family friend of ours who had requested one to be made - sometime after Christmas.  She is a very, very patient customer.  Thank you, Barbara!


One thing not so lovely, is that Aubrey has seemingly collided with a little "sick bug" over the weekend... she has had quite a few very bad diapers and actually threw up during the night - but still slept through... soundly.  Thank the Lord.   She is still her pleasant, fiesty little self....which makes me scratch my head.  She looks really wiped out...and almost white as the snow.  I stayed home from Church with her, Sunday,  and she slept her morning away...uhmmm...now I'm feeling the crawl myself.  s'no'w love about this stuff...


In effort to be practical and share the love of Jesus this weekend, we decided that since we were snowed in and not going anywhere that we would be hospitable and invite the two neighbor ladies over for dinner Saturday night.  They live immediately next door to us, so it only meant for them to walk across the front porch.  I made a  Lasagna Dinner, Ceasar Salad and homemade garlic rolls.  We enjoyed the visit and I think they did too. 

But I guess, I should tell you that this was my incentive to get my oven cleaned, due to a fire in the oven from making Monkey Bread, two nights before.  I had forgotten about the pan drippings from the bread, and went to make dinner Friday night only to have our oven a flame... uh.... near panic! to say the least.
So needless to say, cleaning the oven (though not planned & NOT LOVELY) was first thing on the list to do Saturday Morning while Scott and the little ones enjoyed the great white outdoors.

I'm glad we were snowed in.  A Great Weekend was had by all. 
How about you?  And, how about that Superbowl?


  1. Hi Bevy!
    I love cast iron fry pans!! We have several and use them instead of other "non-stick" fry pans~~we're leary about the chemicals used in the non-stick products. To season it, just use it for greasy foods like bacon for awhile, or you might want to Google "seasoning cast iron". I tried to cut and paste some instructions here, but it didn't work. After it's seasoned, do not use any soap on it or it will take off the seasoning. Just scrub it with a Scotch-Brite under hot running water, then I do what my mom always did~~dry it on a hot burner, but be sure you don't forget to turn the burner off! I usually just wait until it starts to sizzle, then turn it off. The residual heat will do the rest. I love mine for fried eggs, pancakes, etc. I read somewhere that you shouldn't cook tomatoes in it because it will wreck the seasoning, but I make chili in mine and don't seem to have a problem. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks Nancy, I told you I would love you for it...and I do. You're suggestions are great, and easy to remember. I had heard about tomatoes and vinegar being a problem... but not sure.

    The bacon I fried in the pan turned out divine!!! So crispy... yum!

  3. The bacon is a great start to season your new skillet. Do not use soap on it, sometimes we fire ours for a good cleanin' later on when it starts to build up stuff on it. Just put it in a hot fire (a barbecue works well) and let it ash off. Just using it will season it for ya.

    I popped over 'cause I saw where you were takin' care of a puny little one. I just wanted to wish them and you well. I'll pray for a speedy recovery.

    Ya'll have a greatly blessed day!!!

  4. Corn bread...you gotta make your next batch in your skillet. That is the only way my dad makes it. Grease up your skillet, put in in the oven and get it nice and hot and then pour your batter in the hot pan and bake. It turns out great every time and it is fun to eat pie shaped corn bread. :) That made me hungry!

  5. I use my iron skillets quite a bit. I am trying to get away from using teflon. Don't tell but I do use a sudsy wash cloth on mine now and then. I just make sure a rub vege. oil all over it if I do use soap. Then I place it on my burner and heat it up.
    Iron skillets are oven proof so you can do things like pot pies in them or fruit crisps. I bet if you googled it you could get some good info on them.

    Hope Aubrey is feeling better soon and the rest of you don't get it!

  6. Hi Bevy. I found you over at Heathers Vintage Girl Blog. Your blog is just lovely. I have just started using cast iron this year and I love it so far. Everyone told me to make bacon and hamburgers to season it and so far its worked. I just take a plastic scrubby to clean it and oil it and bake it every so often. That snow you have is amazing. We're not getting anything that here in MO. I'm following you now and look forward to more of your posts.


  7. Thanks for the comment. That was sweet of you. It looks like your kids are having a great time in the snow! Hope little Aubrey feels better soon.

  8. Hi Bevy...we are snowed in too. That bacon sure looked good. When can I come over:)

  9. I know nothing about seasoning a skillet.
    But I do know about Monkey Bread and the mess it makes! I did the very same thing,forgot about the mess and heated pizza up. Smoke poured out of our house.
    Stay warm!

  10. Oh my - you sure were snowed in! :) Your kiddos are precious, by the way.
    As for the cast iron skillet -- the possibilities are ENDLESS!


  11. I am actually jelous of all your snow! we have some snow, its old and junky looking, I want a fresh new blanket. Reegan is in 2nd grade and has only had one snow day...ever. we don't get to have snow days like that around here, nothing really shuts down! =( I about died laughing at your monkey bread situation. I just had that happen to me (not the fire tho) and when some people brought supper over after Emersyn was born, she put her stuff in the oven and it wasn't pretty nor did it smell that great. Maybe I should be cleaning my oven today! Good luck with the cast IRon, we use that when we go camping and they work great for that. Have a great day~ Sarah

  12. I'm a cast iron fan, too! I love eggs and bacon in it. I can't stand teflon but I haven't been able to convince Nick to get rid of ours...yet. ;) I season mine in the oven. Wipe some oil on it, put it in at 400 degrees for 15 minutes, then carefully wipe out the excess oil, bake another 45 minutes, turn off oven, don't open door, and let sit for an hour.

    LOVE the pics of the kiddos in the snow!

  13. Oh, and I absolutely LOVE the new pocket pouch design. Seriously love it! The design kind of reminds me of a wallet, which made me wonder if you could make a wallet. You see, I have this little problem. I love my bag so much that I can't stand putting my plain, old boring wallet in it. Then I thought how cool it would be to have a wallet that complimented the bag...

    What do you think?? :)


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