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Friday, March 19, 2010

Ben - update!

Here is the most recent update on Ben, and the most encouraging.  Continue to keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

From John & Francette:

It was a good day for Ben. He was transferred from the ICU at Hahnemann to
Moss Rehabilitation Hospital . He appreciates the freedoms he gained from
being out of the ICU.
Ben has made progress mentally the last three days. He is being weened off
the drugs and his brain is healing. Ben was able to recall all kinds of

facts and he was able to write down important matters he wanted us to
address now that he has awoke from a month-long slumber.

The doctors at Moss are hopeful that Ben may regain use of his legs. Ben's
legs twitched today involuntarily. These spasms are not proof of a
recovery, but they offer hope.

Ben showed a sense of humor that we dearly missed, and he said "Thank You"
in so many ways, including saying "Thanks" out loud and writing notes
saying "Thank You". He seemed upbeat and positive about his present condition.

We are all grateful for your prayers and thoughts and phone calls and
cards. Please pray that Ben will be strong enough to endure 3 to 5 hours of
physical therapy/day; that he remains positive about his situation and that he makes good
use of his time at Moss.

We'll send an update soon. Thanks again. John and Francette

** There are many, many other prayer concerns as well - among our friends and family.  Including fellow blogging friend, Chasity, from the Wild Raspberry.  Please keep her sister Shauna in your prayers this week.  This all goes well with my post from yesterday.

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  1. That is good news. :)
    Praying he will continue to improve as time goes on.


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