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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Duck Feet!!

Just by the title of this post - you've got to know this is post is (or maybe) going to quack you up, laughing at me or you're going to turn and run - saying this gal is weird. 

My feet are a sore spot in my life.  I HATE socks and shoes... I just absolutly NEED to run around barefoot all of the time.  Therefore, I pay (not alot for shoes, obviously) for it by inheriting rough and calloused feet.  It's a no win situation.

In the last two years, I've discovered a growing virus called Planter's Warts (*please read this link - great information) - on the bottoms of my feet.  If you've had any of these little guys you know just how painful they are.  The worse part is that they run right along the areas where most of my foot is flat to the floor... some days it's really, really bad. 

[Need I tell you that I am the worst person in the world to go see a Dr.  Scott is often after me to get an appointment set up.  And well, I guess they don't hurt too bad - you know - cause I haven't done that yet.  He can't stand when I pick at my feet.  He says it's like a fingernail on a chalkboard.]

But, I will go see a Chiropractor.  Some of you might be saying "they're all a quack".  Not I.  He is one Dr. I have a lot of respect for.  And he knows A LOT more about a persons health then just doing adjustments, etc.  And so, the last time I was there to see Dr. Keith.  I asked him what he would do for Planter's Warts.   

He starts laughing... and vowed I would do the same when I heard what he was about to recommend.  One of the reasons I even brought this up was because when these things hurt so bad - I find I just honestly don't feel good. It affects how I walk and therefore that in turn affects my posture and other areas in my body

Olive Leaf Extract (Cream form) and Duct Tape.  He said his 10 year old son had the virus spread from his feet, to his hands and then even onto his face.  Dr. Keith said they did the cream and duck tape just to his hands and the virus went away in the other areas as well.  In just a matter of a couple weeks, it was gone!

When I went to the health food store to get the Olive Leaf cream.  The store clerk knew immediately what I was talking asking for and quickly added - "you need duct tape!".  Apparently, the tape is what suffocates the warts.  And really that must be the only thing that will.  She also shared her own story and experience of doing this regiment with one of her kids.  Interesting!!

I don't know if I have the tape wrapped correctly around my feet, but none the less, now feel like a true duck with real to life Duck Feet. ;)  My kiddo's think it's funny watching me waddle around the house in so called fashion.  They're getting used to it now, but at first thought I had a 'booboo' on my feet.  This is where socks have now become my friend... but let me tell you, they (my feet) get SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've decided to at least give it a chance... at least before summer sets in. Do this while I still "have to" wear socks and shoes... and hopefully my feet will return to normal in just a few weeks... and I go on without this in my life.

: : Has anyone else heard of this?  Have you had (or heard) results?  Tell me I'm not "a quack" for doing this... somebody, please.  I just want to try anything and I'm finally at the point - where I'm willing to do it. 


  1. I've definitely heard of it and it sounds like it would work. Good luck!

  2. I love your sense of humor, Bev! I'd never heard of it but I looked it up and even the Mayo Clinic lists duct tape on their site as a home remedy. (They also say never to pick at them because that spreads the virus.) Duct tape beats surgery, believe me, so I'd definitely try it. Keep us posted, okay?

  3. For someone who runs around bare footed a lot, your feet are beautiful. I guess if I had good looking feet I wouldn't hide them either.
    Good luck with the warts.

  4. Here I am Bev! Guess who . . . Anyway, I never heard of it either, but my sister was told to put duck tape on her kid's regular warts. Maybe I should tell her to try the olive leaf extract! There, I finally learned how to comment. Do you know who I am yet? This post about feet should give you a hint. . .

  5. quack, quack...

  6. I have heard of the duct tape treatment but they used a circle to just cover the wart, sort of like a small round bandaid size. The silver is fetching on you feet.

  7. I have heard of duct tape treatment before. I hope it will work for you. :)

  8. I've never heard of this but it's definitely worth a try. I'm always open to simple home remedies before going to the doctor. Your feet look a lot better than I thought they would after your description of them.:-)

    Chiropractors are often very knowledgeable about general health. I love mine.(They go to church with us!)

  9. Good luck with the duct tape! I hope it works for you. I had plantars warts when I was in JR high and had them burned off my feet. OUCH! I would definitely go for the duct tape first.

  10. That sounds worth a try...I just hope it doesn't hurt to take the tape off!! LOL!


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