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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Well, wha-da' know. It is that time for Bevy's other half.....Howdy!......Did ya miss me?

I hope everyone one is well and in good spirits. What a month it has been. Traditionally I have always found that the month of February is SOOO SSSLLLLOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW. For it being only 28 days (unless it is a leap year for 29) it had always seem to take next to forever to get thru. I must admit, I think in my life this has been the quickest Feb. I recall. We have had an action packed month.

Before I forget, I did want to bring an April Fool's idea to light. If you go back and read 2/18 there was a comment from Christine in reference to what Aubrey had done to our keyboard. In the comment the post is referring to an April Fool's idea......Christine, I think I know where you're going with that idea, and must admit that would be a good one. ;)

It just happened to remind me of a computer April Fool's that was pulled on a manager of mine, years ago. With all the settings in Microsoft Windows, the wallpaper and active desktop were all set to WHITE. This caused the system to boot into a WHITE screen instead of the standard Windows screen. Of course nothing could be clicked on because everything was 'whited out'. I guess this was an answer for the Blue Screen of Death that you get in windows at times (Anyone have one of those lately?).

Well, it was a good prank, except, my manager was NOT in a good mood that morning, and luckily he did have a since of humor. I was not working under him (DAVE) at the time; but from what I understand it did lighten him up a little and laugh. Just if any one gets any ideas, just make sure you have the keystrokes memorized to return the system to normal scheme, cause everything is white, and thus you can not see what you’re doing.

OK, now that we have April fools covered.....I am happy to report we are all healthy again. What an issue going back and forth with the stomach bug here. Oh, which brings me to...remember in my last HOWDY!, I mentioned we were planning to host a family from church for dinner one afternoon?? Well we were blessed to be able to follow thru with that; however, a couple of days later we received an email from them asking about the 'bug'. Bevy and I both had the same reaction when we read the subject line in the email (I was at work and Bevy was at home) and we both could not believe it.

During the whole BUG cycle we had been cleaning, washing, and washing, cleaning thru it all. There was one night the kids went thru everything, so yes we stayed up and did laundry at 2 in the morning. We had gone thru and removed everything that had anything to due with BUG contact and ran it thru the ringer.......Only to get an email that the family, we had dinner with, had caught it. From the sounds of it, they were able to 'cycle thru' it rather quickly and things seem better now.

We had been over it for about three days before the dinner, and had decided we had been well long enough and enough time had passed to let everything "die" (especially from the cleaning). Well, I guess, our guess was wrong, and our guests got sick. Again (I know they read this blog) we are so sorry, but were glad to see ya'll at church this past Sunday and everyone doing better.

 In case you did not know.....one of Bevy's dreams is to have a small B&B one day. She loves hosting, and we had a blast with our hosted family for dinner. We look forward to getting together again one day.

Can anyone tell me how to sew on a button? Honestly, I can do it; however, the button will come off about after the second time it is washed. If you didn't read the post, "Button. Button. Who's got a button?" then you have no clue as to what I am talking about. I will say this though, MommaMindy in her comment has an idea, but I hope Bevy only implements it for the kids. I am not growing taller, so thus the only way I can outgrow my clothes is by getting bigger, and I am big enough. ;) ...thank you

Well, enough of my ramblings, but on a side note, while I have been writing I have been giving my kids cheeto's, and I must say....they are cheeto freaks. It is rather hilarious to watch hear them when I pull the bag out of the snack cabinet. I will let Bevy comment/post on them with cheeto's though.

Hope everyone has had a chance to read the four part 'intentional marriage' posts from over this past month. If not, here they are:  PART 1,  PART 2 , PART 3.  and, shhhh! the secret NOT so secret PART 4.

Everyone, have a MARVELOUS month. Love God with all your heart, mind, spirit, and strength.

By the way, this life is not a rehearsal. Read your B*I*B*L*E (BASIC INFORMATION BEFORE LIFE ENDS) and PRAY every day.

Until next month!!!!


  1. They totally and completely take after their mother with the Cheeto's. Yup! I'm often found sneaking a cheeto - cheese curl or two... or more. ;) Hoping nobody (meaning the kids) saw me or else, we'd have to ALL have a couple.

    Good Post, Babe! love you...

  2. Just call me Chester baby! I've given them up due to cholesterol but every once in a blue moon Hubby and I treat ourselves to a bag and woohoo!

    I'm so happy ya'll are doing better. Your precious family has been in my prayers. Don't beat yourself up about your friends, ya know ya can pick up the stuff anywhere, their exposure may not have blossomed from your abode.

    Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed evening!!!

  3. Howdy Scott!
    Glad you gave Bevy a break today - nice hubby.
    Sounds like we have something in common, April Fools. I use to do all likes of fooling.
    Hey, how is school? Keep you nose to the grind stone (where did the pharse come from?).
    Cheering you on...


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