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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In as little as a cup of coffee!!!

We were completely and utterly out of coffee at home, one morning.  I knew by my hubby's calculations that we were getting close.  Very close. Go figure!  He LOVES crunching numbers. Has he ever told you that?  Well if not.  I just did. 

Anyway. I planned to go do our monthly grocery shopping that following Saturday.  We agreed that I should do our monthly Costco run this particular afternoon and get our usual fare of diapers, wipes and coffee.

BUT, that wasn't until the afternoon!  I would like some coffee first thing in the AM -please and thank you!!

I was thinking to myself, that morning, as I busied myself around the kitchen.  At least Scott will get himself a cup when he gets to work - no matter how raunchy it may be, it's still coffee.  I have to wait until I get home from Costco to brew a cup... or several. ;)

Does it sound like I'm just a tad bit addicted, to coffee?  Well, I was excited I wasn't getting a headache (yet!)... so, right there was proof enough... I guess, I'm not.

Finally getting out the door. I dropped the kids off at friends and went on my way.  All the while, I was trying to imagine the good pleasure of someone handing out FREE coffee at a random redlight...or, maybe if I could scrape enough spare change out of my wallet I could quick whip into Micky D's for an emergancy coffee stop!... or, maybe I should have asked the next door neighbor's if they had an extra cup (because, I sure could smell their coffee brewing, in the morning).  No!  I'm not addicted.

 I obviously had to wait it out.

I waited patiently, for the Lord; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry.  ~Psalm 40:1 (KJV)

I began my trek into Costco.  When out of my periphial vision I noticed a table set up just off to the right, of what looked like FREE coffee and doughnuts.  The doughnuts were gone!  (that was totally fine with me) but, there was coffee!!!!!!!!  They must've had an early-bird promo going on, promoting their brand of coffee... and I was the tail end of the event.  Because....

While I helped myself.  I thoroughly enjoyed that hot, cup of coffee (by the way) while continuing to navigate myself around the CRAZY, BUSY store.  I realized as I peered over towards where the table was set up...you know, hoping for that second cup...that the table was GONE!!!  Everything was gone.  I looked at my empty cup and realized - No!, I wasn't dreaming.  He supplied.  And I just hope I didn't completely take that Scripure out of context there...with Ps. 40:1.

But, even in as little as a cup of coffee,  my needs were met.  God allowed me to have a little of something I "wanted" that morning.  Just enough. And I didn't need any more then that.  He is so faithful to care about the teeny, teeny details of our lives.  Isn't he wonderful?

I share that with you all, today, just as a practical reminder of how I know that ... "His mercies are new every morning. Great is thy Faithfulness".  See, I'm still...just clinging.

: :  Are we too busy to see that even in the little things of our lives... that he cares a great deal?  Even if it is for just a cup of coffee? 

I hope not.


  1. What a neat story. God IS concerned with even the small details.
    Glad you got your cup of coffee. :)

  2. Isn't it neat how He takes care of even the little things? It's like He's reminding us that He's there for our every need~~I so often forget that and am encouraged by the gentle reminders. Enjoy the day, Bevy!

  3. Amen and amen!!! God not only cares for our needs - but loves to delight us with His care. What a great reminder!!! Thank you for sharing!!! :)

  4. Something so simple and yet so bold . . .

  5. God is every teeny tiny detail of our lives, if only we take the time to look for them and most importantly to seek Him! Great post! I tried to comment last night on this, but my computer was being obstinate!

  6. I know this is an older post, but I found it through the link within widget. I LOVE it!! This is SO God!!! I think it is amazing when He does these kinds of things! Your story brought tears to my eyes, our God is so wonderful! I plan on sharing a simular story soon along the same lines - oh how He provides, Praise the Lord! :)


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