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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just clinging...

Just clinging... to the ONE who is Faithful beyond any and all of our comprehension.  I wasn't going to post anything today.  But, I felt I needed to share of what little I know... and leave it in his hands.

I was reading my friend, Melanie's post...Our Faithful God!  I was actually in the middle of leaving a comment, this afternoon... when the phone rang.  It was not any news that I wanted to hear.  I was praying - so hard- that I wouldn't recieve this phone call.  But I did.

"You're PAP-test came back abnormal.  We need to do further testing."  says the Dr.  ((gulp))

Yesterday I was at a Dr's appointment for Aubrey - a well check visit.  Good-ish report for her, although there are some milk allergy concerns that we'll need to get blood work done, for her, now.  The Dr. and I got talking about Caleb - even though it wasn't an appointment for him, nor was he even with me.  But the Dr brings up some "serious" concerns that she has about him... that "he might be showing signs for Autism".  She didn't say he has it...no testing has been done to confirm anything.  But. Nonetheless, I'm still reeling.  This was factor number one.

Number two was the phone call that I just got about myself.  This is not the first time it came back abnormal - and in the past, things have "healed" themselves.  I was totally unprepared to hear that this time they'll need to do an actual biopsy, to see what is really going on.  I called Scott right away, to let him know... and when I asked him how his day was going, he said "ahhh...not so good".

Number three. I'm not sure when it happened,  maybe yesterday?? I'm not sure. But here two clients were killed in a head on collision.  Both - father's leaving behind families of young children.  Scott knew the one gentleman fairly well.  They were not co-worker's, of Scott's, but clients of the office that Scott works for. 

This news makes mine feel so insignificant.

So, all of this was told me as I was leaving a comment to the blog post by Melanie - where she was relating the Song "Great is thy Faithfulness".  I love this song.  [Everytime I sing this song - I think back to our wedding.  We asked that it be sung as a congregational song.  I can just remember being so aware of God's faithfulness in my personal life, our relationship as a couple and to all of our church family and friends.  I am so glad that we have hope as Christians, and we can sing about this hope... Because his mercies are new every morning.]

I admit...tears were flowing.  I've realized that this afternoon, I've been reacting to life rather then responding to the Creator of life.  Yes! he blesses and he takes away.  He is Faithful to sustain us...when we don't see his hand, we need to trust his heart.

 I'm trying.  I'm just clinging to truth... knowing that He is in control of all things.  And I am not.

Please pray.

1.) that the suspicion's of the Pediatrican are just that, regarding Caleb.
2.) that my biopsy which will take place middle of April - will be benign.
3.) for these two wives, families, co-workers, etc.  as they process, endure and begin a time of healing.

May God's Faithful Hand be extended...through you're thoughts and  prayers.  Thanks so much.

Ironically, not long after things settled down.  I sat down to do some sewing - while the littles were napping.  I always like to listen to our local Christian Radio station during that free time to myself.  AND!  Guess what song was playing?!? 

Yep!  "Great is thy Faithfulness."  Need I tell you, the tears started to fall again....


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I am praying!

  2. God knew just what you needed to hear just that moment. I will certainly be bombarding the heavens with prayer for you, your precious Caleb and the families left to cope with horrific tragic accident.

    Take care and please keep us updated. 'Expecting praise reports here. God bless and have a beautiful day!!!

  3. You will remain in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Oh Bevy, please know that I am praying for all these needs and concerns. Life can be so overwhelming at times, but you're right- His mercies are new every morning!

    Thanks for letting us know so we can pray!

  5. I will certainly be praying over all these needs. Thank you for letting us know about them.

  6. You've had a heavy day!
    Keep singing.
    I'll keep praying.

  7. I'm glad that you decided to blog. I'm praying, and humming Great is Thy Faithfulness!
    Also, keep in mind that I have lots of experience with both milk allergies and autism, so if you should end up needing help with either, please let me know. {{{Hugs}}}

  8. Praying for you Bevy. The Lord knows our every need, so well, that he sends us songs at just the right moment! Crying along with you and thanking you for being so "real" on your blog, It is a great encouragement to me and I'm sure to others as well.

  9. I am so sorry. The first shock of bad news is hard. There are a lot of tears, a lot of "what ifs" and a feeling of weakness. I can't promise you the outcome, but I can promise you, based on the promises of God, strength when you are weak, a song in the night, peace that passes understanding, the love of God, intercession with sighs too deep for words, grace to grow, and mercies that are new every morning. But, I am praying for healing for all three concerns! Thinking of you tonight, my friend.


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