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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Okay, it's time to come clean!! {Including a Giveaway!}

It's time I came out of the closet and share something you've all  been wondering. 

 I hate to cleanI'll do tidy.  I have to be tidy I cannot stand clutter... and items seemingly out of place.  But.

These are true words, from out of my mouth, the day we moved from our last home to the one we're living in right now:

"Uhmm, it's pretty bad when you're cleaning supplies are dirtier then the house your supposed to be cleaning".
In my own defense, I kept my cleaning supplies in a back porch/"garage" type area... but I know I hardly ever used them.  And yes!, the bottles of cleaning solutions were very dusty, dirty.  Not the sort of thing you would see from someone who cleans on a daily basis.

These don't look so bad now.  And, no! I did not clean them up for the picture.  I just don't like to clean. Period!  I mean CLEAN as in "work-out-get sweaty-tackle it all down"-sort of clean. 

It doesn't mean I don't ever clean. I do.  But, we'll save my methods for another time...

Sheessh!  My mom tells me she has extended family whose weekly cleaning included dusting off and wiping down the canning jars down in their basement.  Uhmmm.  NOT me!!

These are pretty much the two/three cleanings agents that I use. (I included the rag) Oh, and I do sweep the floors on a regular basis. 

However, there is one item that I would like to say really belong's in a Friday's Finds segment.  And that is my Bissell.  This one was called the Flowergarden. Which is no longer available in Bissell's line of products.

 This is the BEST find in all of the world... in regards to "back in the day" household must-have's.

Funny story here:  My mom found this Bissell for me at our local thrift store.  Knowing that I LOVE retro-style of stuff (this brand has been around forever!) - I believe she got this sweeper thinking I would enjoy "using" it.  (ahemmm).  At the time and house we were living in... It wasn't practical.  And Scott "begged me" that we should get rid of it by sending it back to the thrift store.  I think he felt it was just taking up space in the closet.  We weren't using it, due to a lot of hardwood floors.  Plus, it was just another thing we'd have to move... when we moved.

After moving... yeah! as you can see, we kept it...and now we find ourselves with two little ones who just LOVE to drop their food during meals (most times intentional)... and, oh, our dining room is nothing but carpet...It's been the most handiest "tool in the shed".  I say it that way, because I think I see Scott using it as much if not more then I do. 

He has told me on more then one occasion, "Thank you for NOT listening to me - and for insisting that we keep this thing around".  I honestly think my biggest fear was that my mom would "find it again" in the thrift store and make comment about - "coming across a second Bissell" - I could just hear her saying; "It looks like the one I just gave you... Could you use a second one?"


Now, when I really, really want to feel like I've cleaned... and have done a good job about it.  I'll just start spraying some of this room spray around the house, and WOW!!!!!!!!!  this stuff has been such a lifesaver for me.   It's strong, but authentic.  Two little spritzes to a room goes a long, long way, at least in my humble opinion... and the whole house begins to smell fresher, tidier and CLEANer!!  My current favorite is the Apple Danish Strudel.  Yumm! 

I love this product so much that I wanted to share it with all of you!  So much so, that Heather, from The Old Summer Kitchen has graciously agreed to give one special reader a choice, of either one room spray or a candle - your choice of scent and or color (value of up to $15.00).  

Did you get that?  You're part of a Giveaway... today and tomorrow only!!  This giveaway ends Friday Night at 10:00 PM - EST. 

So, go browse her online shop and then come back here to comment, (for one chance to win!) letting me know which item you would choose. 

Oooohh!  This just gets me so excited to roll up my sleeves, get busy and start tackling - something!  Anything! 

Her lamp does not go out at night...Proverbs 31:18b

Maybe I'll light a candle, so I can find my way to cleaning closet...

No. To be real and with all jokes aside, I need to ask.  Have you always found it easy to keep your house spotlessly clean?  Or, is simply "being tidy" enough for you?  Where do you draw the line with cleaning? Not going overboard and getting Obsessive Compulsive about it...or, Do you honestly need to show some more intentional effort in keeping a cleaner/neater house? 

Before we sweep the subject under the rug... let's talk about it some more, next week.  Will you join me?


  1. Oh, a giveaway! :)
    There was so much great stuff over there! I finally decided the 16 oz. mercantile jar candle in the Coconut Cream Pie scent is what I would choose.

    As for cleaning, I try to keep the living room presentable, and the rest tidy. I never know who may pop in.

    Have a great day, Bevy!

  2. you'll love it when it's done!

    i am a cleaning supply addict so i would love to try out this new product~

    have a wonderful spring cleaning day


  3. Oh I would love a candle in a Mercantile jar, just couldn't decide on a particular scent! :)

    ~ I am a cleaner and a tidier.

  4. Mmmm~~the Apple Danish Strudel Mercantile jar candle sounds yummy!

    I did my "thorough" cleaning today~~that's when I sweep, dust, wash floors and clean the bathrooms. I don't dust and wash floors every week. Probably should, just would rather be baking, weaving, cross stitching, you name it~~anything but cleaning! ;-)

  5. A great link! I enjoyed browsing, for sure. I'd go with your recommendation of the apple studel room spray. Thanks for sharing today. Tracy C

  6. Bevy,
    Loved this post! Glad to know I'm not alone in the tidying up is good enough most of the time department! I would say I probably do the "deep clean" about every two to three months but mostly I try to keep everything neat and picked up, bathrooms wiped down, floors swept and mopped when needed, bedding freshened every other week...etc.etc. ( I'm not "thrilled" with heavy duty cleaning either). Really enjoying this blog! Thanks for your openness...looking forward to next week's discussion. Laura (Suermann)

  7. I love to learn about new products and look forward to returning to The Old Summer Kitchen for a closer look. The room spray sounds delightful.

  8. I'm with Mary, I think the room spray would be great.
    As far a cleaning, I'm tide also and don't really like cleaning. But when I do clean, look out and get out of my way. I do it with vigor and enthusiasm.

    Still praying!

  9. I have one of the candles and I burn it almost everyday. I would love to try the room spray. They all sound exciting...

  10. I'd love to win a candle and would probably choose the spiced pumpkin bread scent. Yum! Thanks for the chance!

    I'm more of a neat freak than a cleaner, I think.:-) If it looks good and is tidy, then I'm cool! I do clean regularly, but I'm pretty relaxed with my methods.


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