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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some things just still amaze me!

Like when I look at my husband of nearly five years... and realize he could have picked anyone else in the world!  Instead - he chose me to be his wife and that he loves me.  That amazes me.

What amazes me even more, was how God in his Sovereignty arranged all of that (before time began - he knew!). He arranged our meeting through eHarmony.  He put all of those teeny, teeny details in place to make it ALL come together...so intentionally. 

I look at our two kids and think about how crazy it is that these two blessings are of our own flesh and blood.  They look like us, act like us... reveal things about us.  All because two people fell in love!  And that amazes me, too.

Can you tell I'm feeling a little blessed this morning?  Changing the subject just a little... still amazing facts, though.

I am so grateful today that I do not have to go to Jury Duty.  I was summoned a couple of weeks ago and PRAYED very hard that I would not have to go today. Although I was resolved to go - graciously.  My hubby was willing to make sure that I found the courthouse okay and that he would stay home from work with the kids, etc. Things like this - It just makes me nervous.  I have enough trouble "judging" people.  Why would I want to do it on purpose? 

So, yesterday afternoon, as I read the words on the computer screen  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO APPEAR (or whatever it said - although it meant I didn't have to show up) - I sat there with tears streaming down my face - in utter amazement- that once again, God has heard my heart's cry.

Now.  For a few totally random things that simply amaze me:
  • that our little ones will wake up at 5:30-6:00 AM and somehow think that's okay
  • when all else fails, that "you can get creative when you have to" (one of my many life motto's)
  • my hubby with his "Mr. Fix-It" skills...somehow it always involves "a lightbulb", no matter if its technology, the rain spout, the kitchen sink or my sewing machine
  • that I can currently drink regular coffee anytime of the day or night and it doesn't bother me
  • people are interested in what I'm doing with Bags by Bevy... and they're placing "orders"...WOW!
  • that I'm afterall -down deep- grateful when Scott insists I go to bed at a decent hour instead of me burning the candle at both ends.  I'm coming around... I'm coming around.  Amazing.  Isn't it?
And the most fun fact I am currently amazed about is this... is how quickly Caleb and Aubrey are retaining information.  Like learning to sing songs and recite Bible memory verses.  How they come to insist that we read the Bible before bedtime or after morning breakfast.  I LOVE how their little minds are so impressionable and how that it's my/our responsibility to encourage how and what influences their thoughts, their understanding, AND their actions.  I can't control their actions or responses to life...just shape them.

They are born sinners.  They daily reveal that I'm still a sinner - but one who is saved by grace. And that my friend, is Amazing!!


  1. What a wonderful post, Bevy. God truly is amazing in every way!

    I was summoned for jury duty, too, a few years ago. I didn't want to go either. There were a few times I was told I had to be at the courthouse on a certain day, but then the night before, I would get a call that I didn't have to come in. I was so glad when my time was up.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. God is blessing you for being faithful and so loving.
    Amazing, yes.
    Surprised, no.
    God is good.

  3. Great post, Bevy! Loved all the amazing things in your life!

  4. a day full of blessings....how wonderful to notice them.

  5. Beautiful post Bevy!! Glad to hear about jury duty - thought about that more than once this week :) .....
    God loves to give good gifts to His children!!! :)

  6. when all else fails, that "you can get creative when you have to" (one of my many life motto's)
    Can that be my motto too? I love it!


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