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Monday, March 29, 2010

They make me smile!!

They've come...they've come!  The cheery, springy, yellow daffodills. 
They make me smile.

We've had a pretty good weekend.  With a lot of action-packed activity going on... like:

Woman's  Equip meeting/breakfast at our church

(in which,) Daddy got to spend some "one-on-two" time with the little ones

Trip to the park - to check out our new *Christmas* wagon

Shopping (oh, what bargain's!)

Haircuts for my two handsome boys


Mouse guest - lunch entertainment (with pictures to prove it)

The starting of colds and sinus congestion - again!

Yellow is certainly a color of cheer.  And that seemed to be the theme word for my weekend.  It was a good one...once again.  I know I say this alot - but I am really blessed.  I have friends (more then I ever thought) that are so fun to be around and talk to.  A family who is growing and growing up - so quickly.  A loving husband who is sensitive the Lord and is just showing more and more evidences of that grace in his life - that provokes me to be of the same mindset.  I cannot ask for more.

Other then...

I wish and  I pray that my son would grow in sensitivity towards his sister.  But he's two yrs old and she's one.  And, that is a whole nother subject.
As much as he likes to rough and tumble with her - all of the time.  It's no wonder this is where I find her...

literally climbing fences.

While Caleb is smelling pretty, yellow daffodils (yes! he slows down enough to do this)... Aubrey is being her usual busy little self and getting herself - into a situation.  I kidd you not.  Need I say anymore?

They make me smile!!  those cheery, springy, yellow daffodills...


  1. Hey Bev, Just so doesn't go down any futher, in case the fence is electric. "ouch". Aunt Rachel

  2. Hey, i forgot to say she.

  3. So spring really is in the air?? Beautiful photos of flowers and kiddos.

  4. Oh Bevy, I'm so glad you took the time to enjoy your daffodills. I can feel how busy you must be and to stop and smell the daffodills is good.

  5. You're right Rachel, I kept an eye on her. She didn't get too much higher then that... but sure had her share of others height endeavors with some true accidents included.

    She's got a HUGE blue shiner on her little forehead, to prove it.


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