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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Turning an undeserved "ugh into an unexpected and welcomed "hug"!

I can think of several times where I've tried to take the opportunity to transform someone else's "ugh" by making them feel "hugged".  And, even times where I've felt it reciprocated.   I'll just leave it at that.

I think you all know what I mean by this.  We're all called to be encouragers...you know.

What about you? How has this happened for you? Has someone else ever taken an undeserved "ugh", in your life, and in turn left you with an unexpected and welcomed Hug? 

How have you consciously made effort to "help make someone else's day"?

 I would love to hear your stories!! 

(Note to my hubby:  No accolades here, please. ;) I say this, because we just joked about it...too funny!)


  1. My husband has a magical way of doing this for me on a daily basis. He's such a positive force.

  2. I was standing in a line in a store and the cashier was really crabby. She was so rude, I was offended and wanted to complain to the manager. The Spirit spoke to me and told me to respond with kindness. I did. When I got up the nerve to ask her how her day was going, she almost started crying. She had two funerals in two days, one was that afternoon. When I told her I would pray, she was so thankful. I can only give the Lord credit for teaching me this lesson. I don't see "crabby" now, I see "hurting." The Lord changed me that day, humbled me and showed me how I had been responding incorrectly. Now, I try to listen to His voice, instead of mine, when dealing with people.

  3. Everyday I try to "be there" for at least one person a day. By this I mean, to look into the eyes of someone and let them know that I'm listening. Since I work at a public school, it comes easy (finding someone who needs an ear).
    People need to be heard or just listened to.

  4. One of my favorite quotes says this:
    "Be nice, for everyone is going through something."
    How true this is, and I try to remember it when I am called to turn someone's UGH into a HUG. And I am blessed with wonderful friends who do this for me on a regular basis.


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