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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Family Circle

My Mother's side of the family has been doing this for quite a few years now. 
The Family Circle Letter. 
It may sound a bit old-fashioned to some of you.  True!!  But then again, when you're part of such a large family who for the most part (no offense!) is not fully "up to speed" on modern technalogy - this is a wonderful way to keep the lines of communication flowing.  ;)

Of course, even though there is the usage of phones; they're not used  nearly as often as they could be.  And, I'm known for my part in that problem.  I don't use the phone often enough.  True!!  
 Hey, is that really a problem???  I wonder....

Anyway, that being said.  I've come to enjoy *joining in* the circle. The circle includes my Mom and her three sister's, and any of the girl cousins that wish to include a letter.  Usually someone from each family participates, on average there are anywhere from 8 to 10...15 letters, at the most, if everyone included a letter that particular month.  We all send out our letter(s) to one of the niece's - my oldest girl cousin - and she and her family are the ones making sure that the packet of letters gets mailed out.  We always anticipate the fat, yellow manila envelope that shows up in our mailboxes come the end of the month.
 But it only comes to those families who have included a letter. So, if you forget to add one in - you've missed out on the family news for the past month. Which is kind of a bummer.  At that point, I'll ask my mom to read her letters or she'll ask me or my other sister's the same...


 Over the years, time has proved it's differences and even distances with the way the family may view things and even see each other.  It's been interesting to see how those changes can affect our interpersonal relationships.  I know.  Quite recently, I've even been at the bully-ing end of some of "that".  And, it hurts.
 But that's okay.  One fact remains. 

We are (still) family!

Family.  A lot can be said about or meant behind the word family.  I have memories - both good and bad.  A heritage that honestly means alot to me, although it's very different from where I am today.   I love my family and I like being a part of this family circle.  I still want to participate. 

 And I have a choice as to how I will respond and relate to each one, as I walk the path under and around this family tree.

Will the circle be unbroken??


Guess What!?!?  I am off to go write my letter... to send on to my cousin....it's due today!!!  Thank God, for computer's...;) although, I must say - I love the handwritten letters the best.


  1. "And I have a choice as to how I will respond and relate to each one, as I walk the path under and around this family tree."

    I loved how you said this!

    Your family letters are a great way to keep in contact with extended family.

  2. I've never heard of this before, but I think that is such a great idea!


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