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Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday's Finds: {no. 15/10}

Today's Friday's Finds ~  marks the ONE year anniversary of moving into this home.  Actually tomorrow is the official date.  I cannot believe how fast time has flown.  But with a blessing such as this house...I've enjoyed every minute of it.  We all have.  I can't tell you how many nights we've lain awake in our beds, talking and thanking God for the blessing of this home.  We couldn't have asked for a better situation ~ in the interim.  Meaning between now and the unknown. ;)

We love our neighbors...

Some are really friendly...

Some neighbors have moved on and new neighbors have taken their place... some have not fared OR are still not fairing so well.  ;( I'm also referring to our Human/People neighbors! ;)  Though not on our account, unless you're talking about "Hamburger" - I just wanted to clear that up.  Okay.  You're all still very confused...

We love finding all the "little secrets" out and around the place, such as...the multitudes of household ants, beautiful birds, some-not-so-small-rodents, and even well established flowers/plants...just to name a few.

Like this!  This is the largest hydrangea bush I've ever had the privilege to enjoy, up close and personal.  By the time we moved here, last year, it was already covered in leaves.  This spring it's been fun to watch the leaves just explode out of this bush ~ every day there is more & more.

This picture is of last year.  With the size of the bush, I only got a couple of actual hydrangea flowers.  I must say that, that disappointed me a little.  I am trying to think of all that I can do to help it along for this year.

And the peony bushes!  I love that I have two mature peony plants, budding like crazy right now, in the back corner of our house.  It's my little treat ~ to peak out of the downstairs bathroom window every time I'm in there... just to see if there are more buds or actual peonies blooming.  I love peonies... but not the above mentioned ants.  However, ants seem to naturally be a part of peony bushes.  Anyway.  They have their reasons; like, if we didn't have ants we wouldn't have peonies.  I've heard that is the only way the buds will open. 

But let's just say when they (ants) make they're uninvited presence into my kitchen and beyond...then it becomes a problem. 

I realize this post seems somewhat sketchy, random and vague.  But step right on inside... Our front door is always open (figuratively speaking, of course,  because we do lock it at times) ;) 

I still believe the kitchen is the heart of the home.  Here are a few of my favorite Home sayings...

"The beauty of the house is order, the blessing of the house is contentment, the glory of the house is hospitality." ~ Anonymous
"Every house where love abides and friendship is a guest is surely home, and home, sweet home for there the heart can rest." ~ Henry Van Dyke

"May it's doors be open to those in need, and it's rooms be filled with kindness.  May joy shine from it's windows.  And His presence never leave it." ~ Jewish Home Blessing

This picture is "one of the first pictures" taken inside - the house. A lot of details to my current kitchen are still packed up in boxes - according to the likes of this picture.  I'll have to (obviously) take a more recent photograph to share with y'all one day.

To see more Corner's of our Home, just click on that label in the label cloud and you are more then welcome to read up on more of what our home is like -inside.

 I hope you chose to stay awhile and that you felt right at home. 
Thank you for Celebrating with us on our Friday's Finds - for this round.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 
Oh, and you all come back on Sunday - May 2nd-  for Scott's Second Sayings - it will be lottsa fun!!


  1. I love Hydrangeas and Peonies too! Thanks for showing us a bit of your home today!

  2. Really like your neighbors. I bet the kids have so much fun visiting them.

    I really like the Jewish Home Blessing. I haven't heard that one before.

  3. You have a lovely home, Bevy. I'm so happy for you.
    I have a peony bush that will be blooming soon! The flowers smell wonderful.
    Have a good weekend. :)

  4. Hi Bevy,
    Your pictures are beautiful. The ants are working on my peonies, too.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Somehow I missed this post. I have to say, this looks almost like my dream home! :) I love the big ol' white houses, green trim, lotsa window, white picket fences, animals AND peonies! What a blessing!


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