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Monday, April 12, 2010

If there is one thing that I miss...

...about living at our old house...

It would have to be this...

...the largest forsythia bush I have ever seen.

The birds just had a "hay-day" in those beautiful branches. As well as the bumble bees, and other amazing creatures. 
I liked it simply because it was so bright, and such a cheery yellow - coloring the hillside behind us and the aroma it left, with us, was so... Spring time!!

We don't have any forsythia bushes here, where we live now.  And everytime I take notice of a bush or two - out and about - I think of the house on Hendricks Rd.   But more importantly it makes me go down memory lane.  I think of the sweet, little old neighbor lady (and her husband) who lived further up the lane, above us.  If there is one (more) thing that I miss... it's that I miss her and her friendly face.  She was turning into somewhat of another grandma for the little ones... it was fun to be their neighbors.

**I think I need to give her a phone call.  Maybe she'll let me snip a few branches off of their forsythia bushes... it's time for another friendly, neighborly visit anyway.


  1. you should definitely plant one...it will provide you with years of sunshine and happy memories.

    have a great week bevy!

  2. I don't have any forsythia, but I love them too! My mom has a couple. I should really get a start from her.

    Great memories.

  3. What a huge and gorgeous plant!
    I bet your neighbor misses you too! I'm sure you were a big part of her life and a great neighbor.
    You are so thoughtful!


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