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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Isn't this adorable?

~Blue Bells~

Look what my son picked for me?  He came running around the front of the house (from the backyard) talking about "strawberries" that he had found.  He wanted to show me...

Awhhh!!  My first official hand-picked bouquet of flowers from my little boy.  How does he know I love strawberries (a.k.a. Blue Bells) the best?? 

I'm so glad I have this cute little ole jar - one of my little ole treasures. ;) - to keep 'treasured moments' such as this...in view!


  1. Go Caleb!! He is turning into quite the little gentleman. I love it when my boys bring me things (flowery things - not so much insects or critters......) - although I usually get dandelions :) ! Glad to see you back on! Hope whatever "home changes" happening yesterday went well!

  2. Caleb's little heart is so BIG! He loves his mommy.

  3. Ah...I love this! Thanks for sharing.


  4. i love blue bells too! i always think of my grammy ehst when i see them. i took them to her the day before she died in a little bottle like yours. i used to pick them at her house when i was little.


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