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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Rekindled" and HUGE etsy announcement!!

Imagine my surprise when an old friend, from the hospital, where I used to work, sends me a convo message through my etsy shop, the other week.  I haven't seen Kara or heard from her since - whenever!  Like, way back in the day... probably since, Caleb was born.

Kara said she just simply...completely on random... stumbled onto my etsy shop via another shop and totally recognized it as "me", an old friend/acquaintance. 
She was one of the RN's - I was a just a nurses aide.  But, hey....
We honest, to goodness, know each other. 

I just think it's amazing and I feel so totally honored that she asked me to make her a bag.  She told me she wanted "happy colors".  That her daughter is in LOVE! with hot pink... and that {now} "all things for mommy need to be Hot Pink, too!"

She wants to use this bag primarily for her kindle and any accessories that she keeps with that, such as her  reading lamp and a pair of glasses.

This is a RESERVED BAG!!  For Kara F. 


"Kara, I hope you love this bag!  And, as you may have already figured out, the reason that I named this bag, "Rekindled", is this, that one, it's going to be used for housing your kindle... and two, for the fact that our acquaintance/friendship has now since been rekindled."  ~Sincerely, Bevy

**I know it's me totally playing with words, again... but that's me.

Here is a HUGE Etsy announcement!!
 In case you're wondering - come Thursday- where all of my etsy stock has gone, too?  I've decided to make it all inactive for a couple of days - which I'll explain - keep reading....

SO!!  IF THERE IS ANY ONE PARTICULAR BAG that you've had an eye on.  Today, or tomorrow, is the day to buy it!!!  You had better scarf it up - quick!!  As of Thursday - it will be out of my hands. 

Here's why.  Another friend of mine, Susie, (a.k.a  Susan Kemmerer) is taking my bags, for me, "out of state" to a homeschool convention in Gaithersburg, MD, for this coming weekend.  She will be there, along with her husband - setting up a booth selling curriculum (that they have written and published), along with other written material, etc.
She would like to introduce Bags by Bevy to a hands-on-crowd-of-shoppers and help to get my name "out there".  This is totally of Susie's initiation... and again, I simply feel so honored.  More like overwhelmed...

Of course there are a couple of bags that I've made for her and her husband to take with them that have never gotten their place or chance on etsy.  I'll show them to you, upon their return - through etsy - if they don't sell.  Any other bags that don't sell through them will also be reactivated back into etsy. ;)

So, there you have it...my biggest etsy announcment, yet.  Oh wait!  There's more.  There also heading West!  Somewhere in CA for another homeschool convention - the following weekend.  So, if all goes well in MD, this weekend, and there is lots of interest and yet, I have no bags left....uhmmm.  What will I have to send along to CA??

Babysitting, anyone???  haha


  1. Oh Bevy! I am so happy for you! What a wonderful opportunity. Your bags are SO beautiful I'm sure they will sell no problem!

  2. What a great opportunity! I know people are going to love your bags!

  3. Your bags look lovely. I predict that none will come back home to you.

  4. Beautiful bag! Love the bright spring colors! Praying that business "blooms" after the convention!

  5. Sorry, forgot to sign my name on that last comment.

    Laura S.

  6. First let me say you were never "just a nurses aid". You, Bev, were an angel that brought joy and happiness to the lives of little people and their parents when they needed it most. You were kind, empathetic, and understanding of all, patients and staff alike. I can speak to this as both a co-worker and a patient. You took such good care of me and my little Andrew when he was born. You may not remember, but I do. I was blessed to be on the receiving end of such a caring and compassionate health care provider. As a co-worker, I miss you Bev. You are among the best I've ever had the privilege to work with. Peds would be lucky to have you back! :)

    As for the beautiful bag, well, I am beyond thrilled! So is Casey!!! To quote her, "oh mommy it's sooooo pretty!" Can't wait to start using it and I'm already thinking of what I could use another bag for....

    Thanks Bev!

  7. What a great compliment from Kara!!
    But I knew you had that great compassion, just by the way you have shared with us.

    Yea, you better get sewing! Congratulations.

  8. You do such beautiful work. :)


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