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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Silence is golden...

But!  Sometimes... NOT ALWAYS!!  especially for mothers with toddlers.  Need I say more?  I will...

(I didn't even get pictures ... I was so shocked.)

I wouldn't necessarily call this a funny moment.  But, you'd think if all is quiet - and you hear "nicely playing" voices instead of crying, screaming and fighting - that all is well.  Right?  Well.  In this case... "helping mommy" by dusting the bedroom with baby powder is essentially a worn-off version to the story of Amelia Bedelia and her mistakenly taking things to the literal sense of the word.  Bless her heart!


Let's see.  Aubrey's hair was probably whiter then her grandmother's.

(It honestly looked like it had snowed in their bedroom.)

It was everywhere!!

the carpet (in piles)


in their beds (in piles)

on the windowsills (in piles)

on the walls


out into the stairwell

down the steps

Those of you who know the size of the room, can only imagine... how it was so spread out.  Everywhere!

**There was a cloud of Bismoline in the air.  I love Bismoline Baby Powder - probably my favorite stuff out there in baby world.  And would highly recommend it's use -to anyone.  But...

All I can say with gratitude is that THIS TIME it didn't get into anyone's eyes... like it did 2 weeks ago, when this "dusting event" took place before. ;(   Right, Caleb??

And where was I - you wonder?

Enjoying the silence...

"Silence is golden.  But sometimes it's just plain - yellow"...  Is one of my so called favorite quotes- made up by a friend of mine who couldn't stand to be bored.  And chose to be sarcastic in the face of discipline. But, that's another story.

And, in this case, the silence was deafening.  You think this momma will learn??  Anything?  From this??


  1. I think all mothers have heard the deafening silence, at least once. I know I did (years ago)and found two kids finger painting the carpet with Desitin and baby powder! I didn't know either to cry or laugh. So I did both.
    Trust me,this will be a story for years to come!

  2. Be grateful it was baby powder....

    When we got home from Care Group last night the bathroom lights weren't working. Mike went in the basement and came back with the comment "What in the world would trip a 20 amp circut??"

    Maybe it was the day, but apparently, during one of our sets of "silent times" yesterday, Chris went into the bathroom where he put a pair of metal tweezers into a GFI outlet. He melted one side of the tweezers - it was that "hot". I am praising God it was a GFI, because it tripped the circuit - but he put the tweezers back where he found them and went about his day. I didn't know until after Care Group when I found the melted tweezers. They aren't leaving my sight today!!!

  3. HMMMMM! Sounds so familiar! Two of my children did this to me. It is kinda funny! Thankfully it is easy to clean up!


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