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Monday, April 19, 2010

So, we're back up and running...

My Etsy shop, that is!!  Just for a few more days...

My friend Susie (and her husband) did a great job promoting my bags at their Homeschool Convention, in MD, this past weekend.  They SOLD one bag (Named; Upon the Picket Fence) and got lots of peaked interest to what Bags by Bevy is all about.  It sounded like a lot of "debating" was going on for many of their customers and quite a few of my business cards are GONE! ;)
I'm totally at peace about that.  It sounds like a good experience for everyone, all around.  **The bags are back on Etsy until about Thursday when they'll be taken off of Etsy again - and off to Boston, for this upcoming weekend.  And, in two weeks, or so, they're off to CA.  Whew!!

Here is one of the bags that went along for the ride... I never got it placed onto Etsy, until last evening.

~Tulips, for you!~
(Large tote)

And, here is another one I call "Corner Cafe".

~Corner Cafe~
(Medium/Large tote)

Also, introducing to you my *NEW* Pocket Pouch!   

~Little Bite~
(Pocket Pouch)

All pocket pouches have some form of hand embroidery on them.  They all include the "B" logo on the side. And their closure happens to be of an elastic loop over one single button - usually a bronzed, antique looking button, if I can.

This is great to use for just about anything you can think of...
-tucked into a locker or glove compartment
-femine products
-unique little gift bag

...Sold as a Combination set...

This can either be sold together or seperately.  Details in my Etsy Shop as to how this works.


I also sold a pair of baby shoes this weekend.  These make such a great baby gift!!
Thank you! ~ Rachelle and Kimondo ~ for your purchase!!  I appreciate it.

~Homespun Baby! Shoes~
navy/tan plaid - baby boy
(newborn 0-6 months)

: :  So, how was your weekend??


  1. Congratulations on your sale! Your pocket pouch is a great addition to the collection, too. Great job, Bevy!

  2. The pocket pouch is a great idea! I really like those. I use quite a few zip up pouches in my purse to keep things organized. I'm heading over to your Etsy site to check yours out.

  3. Those bags are just DARLING. I love the fabric and the colors!

    Hope you have a beautiful day!


  4. I love how you name your bags - so creative! You are amazing. May the Lord guide you in this endeavor!


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