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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Sweet moment"

Several years ago, I encountered a sweet moment with the Lord where, when I wondered what the purpose of my life was; Why was I here?; What did I -matter- for?  You're familiar with those sorts of feelings... you've all had them.

I say "sweet moment" because He answered.  Immediately.

{I was a young twenty-something, single woman with lots of questions, prayers and desires.  I really couldn't get a sense of who I was and where I was going.  I was left to ponder this and so I asked...}

I can remember where I was the night I asked the Lord these questions.  I can't remember it, exactly, word-for-word, but this is the answer that (I believe) I received.

"Your life, to me, is as a vessel - a jar- meant to hold and be used for these four things (not all at once)... but in it's purpose to be functional, as such.  These four things are:
  • water
  • oil
  • wine
  • grain
Say what?  Excuse me? 

I thought about this answer and these four things and not quite understanding - fully- I asked again.  Show me (deeper), what do you mean?

It was then, the Lord reminded me of what these four things exemplify. 
  • Water for refreshment.
  • Oil for nourishment.
  • Wine for satisfaction.
  • Grain for substance.

It was like he said to me, "Bevy ~ you're life is meant to be for these things (and, among many other reasons - just wait!) You do matter! You have a purpose.  You, as a unique person, are refreshing.  You will nourish others.  You will bring satisfaction to one.   You certainly have things to offer..." 
I sighed... I understood.  I could relate.  This vessel was full and running over.  I fell asleep... peace-filled.

Although that was many years ago... I still ponder that "sweet moment" with the Lord.


 Today.  This is one reason why I love blogging so much.  I should say "enjoy" - not love.  I don't love it, love it.  One reason, that I don't love it,  is that through different blogs I have discovered "discomfort".  I see myself being "challenged" and "exposed" ...but, growth is always good.  So, as often as it 'hurts' to change for the better, I say that I enjoy blogging because in it I've met some wonderful ladies, turned friends.  I enjoy the kindred spirit attitude that is expressed.  I enjoy hearing from fellow bloggers whose words of encouragement and insight have blessed me - much. 
There are many "sweet moments" in the world of blogging.

I only hope and pray that my life is showing signs of refreshment, nourishment, satisfaction and substance in return.


  1. Bev - you were instrumental in one of those moments with your post on Monday. Thank you for sharing your heart and being an example of honesty and care my friend!!

  2. Bevy, GREAT post! What beautiful insight! Praying for you today, dear friend.

  3. Bevy,
    I've been praying for you throughout the day and hope the test went well.

  4. Bevy,
    Yes, you do bring refreshement - I like the way you think and expose your thoughts.
    Yes, you do bring nourishment - I learn and grow from your wisdom.
    Yes, you do bring satifaction - Just seeing your family and knowing that there are others who love their family as much as I do.
    Yes, you do bring substance - You share the best goodies I ever seen! And you give of yourself to others and that is so important!

    I enjoy hearing what God has said to others. Is it wonderful to know and to remember every detail of His words?

    Good post!

  5. I have come to understand the encouragement that someone leaving a comment on a blog can inspire. Thanks for your blog and thanks for your kind comments.


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